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June 15, 2012
No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Only this moment.... by ~sXeven. Deeply emotional and powerful work!

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No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Only this moment....

I'm backk! So i was listening to this really great piece of song from Shiina Ringo titled "Gips", if you ha'vent heard it i strongly recommend it, its fuckin awesome! You can find it on youtube xD.

Anyways, this piece is very heavily inspired by that song, probably not the lyrics because i have no idea what she's singin but the general mood of the song i think goes very well with this picture D:

Anyways, i'd love to hear your thoughts about the song and how well it goes along with this image and as always, hope you guys like this ^__^

By the way after reading the comments xD:

- One with a ponytail is a dude, the other a chick (in case you guys are wondering)

- these are not Shion and Nezumi from No.5 (though i googled them and fuck the resemblance is striking xD)

- not Rin and Len frm vocaloid

- these two are not based off anyone in particular except ehem moi AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA im going to need rehabilitation, too much self obsession = bad

alright enjoy xDD
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I'm literally listening to that Shiina Ringo titled "Gips" song now while looking at your art. Mind blown. Thank you for making my day. 
Venvenise's avatar
Gwendolyn1's avatar
so detailed, wow :wow:
Shadow-Walker-22's avatar
Masterpiece in my world therefore I'll treasure it. You're very talented artist.
NoctisUmbra's avatar
Mandi7MM's avatar
Wow. I wish this was available as a print. It is so powerful. :heart:
M0hammadAli's avatar
It's very beautiful! :heart:
EljotLJ's avatar
woooah beautiful pic
kaiolowen's avatar
Stalking your gallery now, love this one!
MikusFlyingLeek's avatar
AWESOME!!! hahaha actually for a second i thought it was zero and ichiru from vampire knight!! >.<
halopepo's avatar
Mind blowing.
Absolutely amazing.
PurpleLeatherGloves's avatar
Absolutely amazing! :D
emergency-fan-51's avatar
Holy crap. How you produce such magnificent fantastic-ness is beyond me.
Hanachino-Hime's avatar
I haven't even watched No.5 and I thought they were Shion and Nezumi...
BiBiARTs's avatar
wonderful work... send you a request of my group :iconsoulcollectors:
Wemuht's avatar
I think i'm just going to go jump in a hole and probably die now. This is just..I don't even know. Great is used way to much, amazing can just burn to the ground and nice can go jump off a bridge. I fancy this piece indeed. I can seriously just stare at it for only 20 minutes cause my head will start hurting lol but yes, i love this. <3
M-A-L-beast's avatar
This is amazing ;A; And for a moment I thought it was Tidus and Yuna (ffx) xD But your art is beautiful :iconamgtouchplz:
LadyRiddle26's avatar
I like this pic very much...
Maxi-Uzumaki12's avatar
As soon as I saw this...I started to cry so hard. And it's HARD to get me to cry so suddenly. This piece is's It's great. And the title just makes it so much better! I think this is just great!
sXeven's avatar
D: did it trigger something? like a past experience or something? D: i hope you're fine
Maxi-Uzumaki12's avatar
Somewhat, but also it's done so beautifully it really speaks to me, it's so amazing really. But yes I'm fine thank you ^^ But this piece really is just so wonderful.
sXeven's avatar
Ahh glad to know my painting had tht effect then xD n also im relieved tht it didnt trigger any bad memories or anything D: did u listen to the song along with it? it kinda amplifies the effect xD
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