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June 15, 2012
No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Only this moment.... by ~sXeven. Deeply emotional and powerful work!

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No yesterdays, no tomorrows. Only this moment....



I'm backk! So i was listening to this really great piece of song from Shiina Ringo titled "Gips", if you ha'vent heard it i strongly recommend it, its fuckin awesome! You can find it on youtube xD.

Anyways, this piece is very heavily inspired by that song, probably not the lyrics because i have no idea what she's singin but the general mood of the song i think goes very well with this picture D:

Anyways, i'd love to hear your thoughts about the song and how well it goes along with this image and as always, hope you guys like this ^__^

By the way after reading the comments xD:

- One with a ponytail is a dude, the other a chick (in case you guys are wondering)

- these are not Shion and Nezumi from No.5 (though i googled them and fuck the resemblance is striking xD)

- not Rin and Len frm vocaloid

- these two are not based off anyone in particular except ehem moi AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA im going to need rehabilitation, too much self obsession = bad

alright enjoy xDD
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I'm literally listening to that Shiina Ringo titled "Gips" song now while looking at your art. Mind blown. Thank you for making my day.