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Dark_Shine BURG

BURG Theme Dark_Shine

background from unknown source (on here somewhere)
.sh script included

run the script in terminal to be sure the theme installed correctly
© 2010 - 2021 SWOriginal
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how can I download the .sh script? thanks .
Nice theme .
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Could you give me link to the background image please ? :D
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LOL.. Now i read the description "deeply" ... Nevermind ;)
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This theme is quite good, but I think it would be great if you could replace “include "/icons/icons"” by “include "../icons/hover”.
Anyone using a Linux distribution that is not Ubuntu would be grateful for that ;⋅).
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Got this installed finally, and it looks amazing. But could you help me out a bit? Unlike your screenshot, i have many ubuntu kernels showing, but only want one, like in your screenshot. Help a newbie out please? Or point me in the right direction? Thanks =D
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if you press f on the OS selection screen it should hide the other kernals :D
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haha! Excellent! Thanks for the quick response! One more i said a couple of days ago, if I wanted to switch Windows and Ubuntu round, how could I possibly do this? Sorry if I'm annoying you with all of these questions =p =D
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you just need to set what you want to be default

in terminal copy and paste this command

sudo apt-get install startupmanager

once installed open it from *system/administration/startup-manager

and select what operating system you want first, you might have to update burg again if you do just re-install the script in my theme folder
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Awesome theme mate, thanks for sharing =)
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Very nice! Using this right now :D
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Can't wait to install this. However, if i change it so Windows is the default OS, will the theme change too?
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No. the theme would stay the same the icons would simply just switch places
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That's awesome. Cheers.
Wow that looks great!

Is there any way to add text below the selection to show the name of the menu entry?
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you could edit the .png in

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Cool work! I'll try it on my laptop! =)
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Dude awesome theme, it has now become my default. Great work, the background looks great.
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Thanks i cant take credit for the wallpaper tho :D,
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