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Chromium Radiance 10.10

Chrome/ Chromium theme for Ubuntu radiance 10.10:

Radiance theme to integrate chromium into ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Merrkat".

Directions: extract the .zip then drag&drop the .crx file onto a chromium window.

Change log -

V 1.2.1 - Fixed black border issue, most visited frame
V 1.2 - Changes to tab page
V 1.1 - Minor bug fix
Improved tab page
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I see you are using native scrollbars on the screenshot, how is that possible?
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Its an official extention by tobiash [link]

it hasnt yet been updated for 10.10 but im sure the dev will update it soon
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Thank you very much!
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Thanks for these themes!

There seems to be a minor bug in this one - the window frame changes colour halfway:
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Strange 10.10 is borderless :S i cant seem to re-produce the bug, this might be an issue if you have disabled "system title bar & borders", or your running google chrome not chromium
Yes I am indeed using chromium on 10.04 with system title bar & borders disabled.
(Not sure why one would want to enable them - they just waste space - but it's a matter of personal preference I guess.)

However I thought I would mention that (for example) the Lucidity and SimplyMac chrome themes do manage to set the lower frame colour correctly.

Anyway, no big deal - thanks for your response!
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i dont think this is an issue with 10.10 chromium - 6.0.472.59

if its still an issue i'll try and get it fixed :)
Am using 6.0.472.62 - nice to know the problem will disappear in Maverick :)
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This is now Fixed :) just download and update
Great - thanks!!
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Hey when I unpacked it I got Ambiance instead of Radiance. Ambiance looks great and judging by the screenshot Radiance looks good as well!
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Should be fixed now :) try downloading again
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