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Chromium Ambiance 10.10

Chrome/ Chromium theme for Ubuntu ambiance 10.10:

Ambiance theme to integrate chromium into ubuntu 10.10 "Maverick Merrkat".

Directions: extract the .zip then drag&drop the .crx file onto a chromium window.

Changlog -

V 1.3: Fixed bug with border, changed most visited frame color
V 1.2: Changes to new tab page
V 1.1: fixed issue with "no toolbar set" being beige
color changes to New Tab page
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Great work Thx!!!  w00t! 
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It also looks very nice on windows 7 Basic :)
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very nice, love it, but I cant seem to get the close, and other menu bar buttons to look like they do in your preview, any help?
right click on the window bar and select use system icons or something similar
Pretty nice, thank you for your work..
It would be awesome if you submitted this to the Chrome Extensions Gallery ([link]). That way, we could sync the themes with our Google accounts (sync only works for extensions and themes that are part of the Gallery). Plus, more people would be able to find it.
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looks good. Always bugged me that chrome didn't integrate with ubuntu properly
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Thanks you!! excellent work!
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The folder icons should match those of the native GTK theme (orange).
thanks! I found one problem:

the selection color is blue, while it should be orange

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fix coming shortly :)
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Well done , thank you
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Good job and thanks.
Thanks! I found one problem: In the "New Tab" page, when you disable "always show bookmark bar" (so that it only shows on the new tab page), the bookmark bar has the old sand/brown color from the 10.04 theme, rather than the new silvery color.

Here's a screenshot of it with "always show" disabled (wrong color): [link]

And here's a screenshot of it with "always show" enabled (right color): [link]
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Ive updated it with new changes to the new tab page which also fixes your issue :) feel free to report any other bugs :)
Thanks for the fix! This is just my opinion, but I strongly dislike the updated pages to the new tab page. I don't want my theme to mess with the background, font color, things like that. I just want it to fit with the rest of my theme. The way you had it in the previous version (aside from the bookmark bar background color) was perfect. I'll just have to reinstall the old ambiance theme until someone (hopefully you :P) makes a 10.10 theme that doesn't mess with my new tab page.

Of course, this is all just my opinion, and either way thanks for the work.
*updated changes, not updated pages
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i'll update it again in a bit... again opinions welcome its the only way to improve :)
It looks much better! The only thing I'm unsure about is the thick dark lines around each window. Compare it to the faded lines in the default theme: [link]
I think that outline should only become dark when hovering over the window. The 10.04 Ambiance theme does a good job of this: [link]
As is, it's kind of distracting.
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Do you meen the the indevidule most visited windows? if so there will be an update shortly :)
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