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by Y-uno

As a big Naurto fan and loving to see Naruto OC's and their stories I think you did a god job. The design of her overall is just so att...

This is very impressive. As a martial artist and MMD user, I can honestly say that this is one of those outfits that is both iconic and...

by Rosuuri

This is very impressive. I gotta say, I'm blown away by how beautiful this looks. Your choice of colors makes her stand out. She looks ...

by Michi-K

To be honest, I think your selfy is pretty cute. She looks sort of shy looking and her outifit is amazing. The textures on the shirt is...

Over at a testing facility at one of the Tiger Sharks base, Sasha was in a centrifuge getting spun around at neck breaking speeds. She was pushed back to her seat with her mouth twitching and getting opened up as she was going through it a few more seconds. Arlena was taking some notes studying her progress as Lizzy looked over and blinked

"How's Sasha doing?" Lizzy asked while Arlena nodded

"She's already beaten the time. Just wanna see ho-"

"Agh! Let me out! Let me out!" Sasha cried out on the intercom as Arlena stopped it. Once it slowed to a complete stop, Sasha hopped out and ran to the trash can, puking her guts out. It made Arlena and Lizzy wince a bit as they waited for her

"Well she lasted 42 seconds longer than I was expecting." Arlena said with a nod. "And since she's pretty good floating around when swimming, I think we can skip that bit. She might be ready."

"Sweet! We got another to join our space program!" Lizzy cheered with glee as Sasha stumbled in while holding Rexy.

"D-did I win?" She asked

"Yes you did, Sasha! You stood in long enough to pass the course." Arlena said

"Yaaaaay...." Sasha said weakly with a smile. "Now I think I'm owed a lunch."

"We'll treat ya to a happy meal later!" Lizzy said.

"I'm just a little confused though. Why me for the Tiger Sharks Space Program?" 

"After proving yourself a pretty good diver and a skilled fighter, I think you got what it takes to start going into space for specialized missions." Arlena said. "Think of it like Star Wars or Star Fox if you want."

"So I get to fight aliens and blow up space ships?!" Sasha said with excitement.

"Well sometimes." Arlena said.

"So when do I leave?"

"We got a ship ready tomorrow morning." Arlena said. "Lizzy will be going with you."

"Your not coming, Arlena?"

"I really can't this time. I have some things that got to get done. So much paper work to fill out for renewing diver's licenses, weapons discharging, and a few thousand dollars spent on..."Xbox Live and Playstation network memberships?" Arlena said while looking at Lizzy who shrugged

"It gets boring when we're not on missions all the time." She said with her defense.


The next day, a rocketship with a shuttle was ready, all donned with the Tiger Sharks logo proudly shown. Lizzy was getting on her spacesuit, even having to try and get her tail through the other end. Sasha came in with a wave

"Hi Lizzy!" Sasha yelled out as she waved to her

"Oh hey, Sasha! Right on time!" Lizzy said. "You excited for your first space mission?"

"Yeah. Me and Rexy were up all night thinking about it!" 

"Well then your gonna be excited for these."

Lizzy pulled out a special space suit with Sasha's color striped on with the Tiger Sharks logo. Then attached to it was a strap with a smaller looking space suit made for Rexy.

"This is your own personal space suit! Arlena made it just for you!" 

"Oh cool! And there's even one for Rexy!"

"That's right. Need to keep you guy looking your best while keeping you warm and preventing explosions."

Sasha blinked a bit. "Explosions?"

"Don't worry, you'll be fine. I've done this a million times!" Lizzy reassured her as she tapped her shoulder. "Besides, if your lucky, you might get to walk on a planet!"

"Really? Come on Rexxy! Let's get dressed!" Sasha said as she started to undress and try slipping onto her space suit.


Once ready, holding their helmets, Lizzy and Sasha started doing the "slow dramatic walk" towards the spaceship as they were ready to venture out.

"....well, we'll never get out of her at this speed." Lizzy said as she stopped. "Better hustle."

So now instead of walking they were running and got inside. Lizzy got onto the cockpit as she got her safety harness on and shut the door. Arlena then looked over by the command center of it all and got on the intercom

"Alright girls. All systems seem operational. I'll be keeping in contact with you all regularly. Remember, Lizzy, don't stay out there for more than a few hours. And keep her safe."

"Not to worry, boss! I got this all under control!"

The count down then started to begin. Sasha hugged onto Rexy tight as they were getting close


The ship then slowly started to take off and shoot up to the sky. Sasha was pushed back to her seat as they were moving up through the sky. Sasha screamed a bit for a while while Lizzy laughed it up. It took a while, but eventually they broke through, and after purging parts of the rockets they finally left earth and went into space. Sasha panted as she looked out the window and was in awe. She almost let Rexy go, but once she saw him float, she quickly got him back to her.

"Whooooooa...." Sasha uttered as she looked at the stary black sky while Lizzy grinned at her

"Don't get to see something this cool for free."

Lizzy undid her straps and floated around a bit while Sasha tried it herself. It almost felt like swimming to her, so she just put to what she knew to practice. She struggled a bit but then started to float around naturally

"Whoa! Ooooh! Ha! I think I'm getting the hang of this!"

"Just wait till we get outside. It'll be even more fun!"

"Yeah? What if we float too far?" Sasha asked

"Don't worry. We have rocket boots! Uh, kinda. If we need to turn back, we'll just hover back! And I'll be with you every step of the way!"

Sasha looked to Rexy and made him nod with her. They went over and put on their helmets on, making sure they're tight, and attached the air packs onto them to make sure the hoses were secure on the helmet. There was enough oxygen for them to stay out for a couple of hours. They dressed up Rexy to make sure his suit was pressurized and ready to go as well.

"Already! We're all ready?" Lizzy asked while Sasha thumbs up her

"Ready, Lizzy!"

Lizzy then got to a lever and opened up the airlock. Once opened, the vastness of space was right in front of them. Lizzy hopped out and started float around

"WHOOOOO! Come on, Sasha! Its nice out here!" Lizzy said as she spun around while Sasha was still stunned as she took a moment to take it all in. It was so overwhelming and beautiful to her she wasn't sure what to say. After a while, she decided to hop out with Rexy tethered to her. She moved her arms around trying to float and then forgot that they had small rocket boots on. Trying to use them, she started to move slowly around.

"H-how! How do you move like this?"

"Just try to relax! Think of it like swimming a bit." Lizzy instructed. "When your using your boots to move, your gonna want to stay focused and look at the direction you wanna move. There's only a limited time frame since you got to be wary how long your out. And if spin too fast, you might float out into the void. If that happens, use the emergency retro rockets from your air supply to use a small amount to propel yourself back."

"What happens if that runs out?"

"You got the rest of your life to enjoy the view!"

"Oh!...Oh." Sasha then tried to reorient herself to a floating position and started to slowly use her boots to move around. She spun around a bit at first, but then finally got the hang of it after she looked over where she wanted to go and started moving towards Lizzy.

"How do you break?"

"Put your feet in front and use the rockets to slow yourself down. Then turn then off when your near a complete stop! Then you'll just float like normal!"

Sasha tried that and slowed down a bit as she got close to Lizzy. She then stopped her rockets before waving her hands around to stop. After a bit, she was just floating

"Hey, not bad for your first time here!" Lizzy said. "Took me some time to get the hang of it. You handle it like a pro."

"Heh he, thanks!" Sasha said. "This is so cool. Its so vast and bright..."

"No place like it, right?"

"Yeah, I'm glad I came out here. Wished Arlena could have been here."

"Maybe one day, you and her can do this together." Lizzy reassured her. "But I think its cool out here, just the two of us."

"It is." Sasha said as she looked around. "Though, it is just kinda boring to be floating around all day. Is there anything else to do out in space?"

"I'm glad you asked! There's tons of things that the Tiger Sharks do in space!"

"Like what?"

"Well, there's planet searching, mineral collecting, exploring old abandoned space stations, repairing and salvaging space ships." Suddenly, a spaceship came over that looked like it had been through a war that made Lizzy blinked

"Like that one that just broke through warp speed...." Lizzy said with a blank expression while Sasha looked over with a stunned look.

"Hello?! Hello? Can anyone here me on this frequency?"

"Yeah! Read you loud and clear." Lizzy said on her radio. "This is Tiger 1, what's your status?"

"I was on my way back from home and some meteors hit me on the way. I don't think I can make it pass Earth's atmosphere without killing myself."

"On our way!" Lizzy said as she looked to Sasha. "Alright, Sasha, time for your first lesson in spaceship repair."

"What? I don't even know how to change the oil in a car."

"Don't worry! Its easy!"

Once they got some high energy plasma cutters, and a brief instructional video that was still in the glove compartment, Lizzy and Sasha started to go around the ship to make some repairs.

"Geez! These meteors look like they really packed a punch!" Lizzy said as she looked around and sotter some holes. "They burned clean through the metal like they were made from cardboard."

Sasha was working around trying to patch up the ship as best she could and looked closely at the holes.

"Hey Lizzy? Are meteor holes suppose to leave a residue like this?" Sasha asked as she looked around the hole and felt it

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, it feels a bit rough."

Lizzy felt around a bit and decided to have a feeling what Sasha was saying. "You know your right...these feel like plasma burns from a laser canon."

"Laser canon!? Who would have that?!"

"Space pirates or some kind of military ship of some kind." Lizzy said with a shrug as she got on the intercom. "Control, did you say it was a meteor shower that hit you?"

There wasn't any answer from it as she waited

"Control do you copy?"

Sasha then looked around and widened her eyes. "Where's our ship?"

Lizzy looked back and then facepalm "Dang it!! Not again!"

"Again?!" Sasha asked with wide eyes. "How many times has this happened?"

" comment." Lizzy said with a blush while Sasha hugged on Rexy. "Umm...Boss?"

"It happened again didn't it?" Arlena asked through the comm

"How did you know?" Sasha asked

"The shuttles transponder was turned off. And not even Lizzy knows how to get it off. Is there anyway for you two to get back?"

"There's this ship the person left behind but...that's it. It would take us a while for us to repair it and we've already used half our air supply."

"Why don't we just use the escape pod on the ship?" Sasha suggested. "Its pretty big. Chances are that ships like this have a skiff or something."

Lizzy and Arlena blinked as they heard Sasha spoke

"Okay, who are you and what have you done with the real Sasha?" Lizzy asked

"What? You guys never know that?"

They got the air lock opened up in the ship and noticed that the whole thing was picked clean of anything that would be of value.

"Yep! Definitely scavengers." Lizzy said. "They roam around the galaxy trying to steal the best parts off of the best ships and then selling them at high prices. I guess I should have asked for their code clearances."

Sasha looked around and found a small ship. "This looks like it'll run!" She said as she got to the rear and looked at it. Lizzy took a closer look and checked out the power and air.

"We got O2. Its thin, but we'll be able to breathe it even once we get back to Earth." Lizzy said. "Boss, we're heading back to base on a please turn off the automated cannons."

"Copy that. Hope this wasn't the worst trip int he world, Sasha."

"Are you kidding?! This has been the best day of mines and Rexy's life!" Sasha said. "I got to go on a rocket ship, float in space, repair a ship, and get carjacked in space! How many people can you say can do that in one day?"

"Hehe...well I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have a safe trip home! Maybe we'll go for milkshakes later." Arlena said

"Nice! I call dibs on chocolate!"



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Yuri Chibified! by Malefor666

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Yuri the Innocent Murder by Night-Spectre81

Yuri with color by mechekin1
I am autistic and a MMD addict. Everyday I make different types of MMD videos from very simple to somewhat complex. I am still a beginner and could use some help as to how to do more complex animation that cannot be found in a website filled with motion data. If anyone is interested in my work so far visit my website. As usual, because of copyright laws, I donot own any models, stages, motion data, music, or even the software. I just maek how what it to look like. In a sense, what i do is a form of appropration and I want thw whole world to see.

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Mori will want to hear this
Yuri: "I think we've spent enough time being grim. Let's go home."

Colline: "That sounds like a good idea."

Yuri: "Besides, I'm sure Mori is going to have a heart attack seeing his baby sister still around."

Colline: "Mori's alive?!"

Yuri: "Believe me I have a hard time still believing that too. Come on, Colline-chan. We can all talk about what happened there. And this time, I promise I'll keep you safe."
I never should have left you
Yuri: "It was a mistake for me to leave for Europe. It shouldn't have happened....I'm sorry Colline, this was all my-"

Colline: "Don't."

Colline stopped her with a stern yet calm voice

Colline: "Don't you dare do that to yourself, Yuri. I won't allow it. You're a samurai. You swore death before dishonor and I won't let you feel the dishonor of leaving just because you were doing your job."

Yuri: "I lost family too, because I wasn't there."

Colline: "I know....and I'm sorry that happened to you. But you had no hand in that. You had nothing to do with your parents death. And you had nothing to do with mines and my family. Everything happens for a reason, and its not like we all had choices."

Yuri then sighed and nodded.

Colline: "Your a good person Yuri. You don't have to be God to be good to us."
They changed me into something
Colline: "Then one day I woke up somewhere. Surrounded by people I never saw before in a room that looked so different. I wasn't in the time I thought I was. That's when I realize they brought me back from the dead."

Yuri: "What? How?"

Colline: "I'm not sure. I don't even know why me. Maybe they thought I was Mori or someone else."

Yuri: "Did you see who it was? Or what they looked like?"

Colline: "Vauge hints. Bits and pieces mostly...sorry."

Yuri: "Its okay. Go on."

Colline: "After I was told about the year I was in, given all sorts of history lessons some how implanted in my mind, they put something in me. They called me "Project: Siren." For a while, I was just a prisoner and a guinea pig. Then somehow, I got some sort of power. I could control creatures. Beasts, animals, demons, the was like I could talk to them and feel what they felt. They wanted to make me into something."

Yuri: "A bio-weapon."

Colline: "Somehow I escaped when some people raided the area. I remembered I tried to drown myself in the ocean but...I wouldn't. I could breathe water like I could breathe air. Since then, I've been on the run, hoping they'd never find me."

Yuri: "I'm so sorry, Colline....I can't believe they would want to rob someone of their eternal peace and make them into something else."

Colline: "Is that why you're still around?"

Yuri: "Its a bit more complicated than that."

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