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Here is a place for the swords and sorcery genre. Think Lord of the Rings, Arthurian Legends and Dungeons and Dragons.

Fairies and fairy folk are for other sights, unless included as elements of a swords and sorcery piece.
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Submission Rules

1-Become a member.

2-Keep it in genre. Think Lord of the Rings, King Arthur, and Dungeons and Dragons. Conan, Kull, and John Carter:Warlord of Mars are also examples of the kind of content I'm looking for. Fairies and other mythical creatures have to be within a swords and sorcery piece.

I do not accept works containing nudity or sexually explicit acts.

3-submit only your own artwork. This is a biggy with me. I hate people who take credit for other people's work. It really, really pisses me off. I will report you, and follow up on that report and hopefully get you banned from DA.

4-Submit only finished art. Show the group work you're proud of. Half finished or works in progress will be declined. I will not post anything submitted on lined paper.

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Queen of Storms. by Andared
The Family Selkirk by Andared
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Stairway to Hell by dungeonmeister
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Fantasy Animals - 'special effects' tutorial by characterconsultancy

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Archer by tonyc-art
Sword Girl by tonyc-art
Axe Woman by tonyc-art
Various jawagora species by characterconsultancy
Fairy jawagora species by characterconsultancy
Yellow Dragon by Ranarh
Designing Colourful Fantasy Animals tutorial by characterconsultancy
Rikke by Grace-Dupre
Malachi by Grace-Dupre
When the Fur Flies - SFZ by Djake
Centaur Accountant by TalesOfListra
weapons, armor and eqipment.
Magical Items by Ranarh
Weaponry 779 by Random223
Centaur Armour by BATTLEFAIRIES
Weaponry 778 by Random223
Confrontation by Michel-le-fou
Queen of the Night Theresa May by Michel-le-fou
From Beyond by Michel-le-fou

Mature Content

A  Brief Encounter by Michel-le-fou
Farah's Bounty: PT3-3They had trudged on for some time. Farah was certain they’d gone in circles as they came upon a marshy spot of water.“Here we are again. Gods, I’m tired of the stench of this place! It seems to be getting worse,” she muttered. “Not another step,” a voice bellowed. Triana the huntress stood at the tree line, she already had an arrow pulled back. The maned wolf had a snarl upon her muzzle. She was joined shortly by Pontz the puma who glared at Torvis, his ears pressed against his skull and he had his falchion ready. Torvis snorted and twirled his blade as Farah backed up slyly.“I said not to move ferret,” the maned wolf shouted. “Are you stu… Gods!”Farah saw that she and the puma both had stupefied expressions on their faces, Torvis turned his head and he too looked horrified. Farah swallowed down a lump and slowly turned her head. A dozen otters had suddenly surfaced from the murky swamp water. They stood there just staring at the four.Something wasn't quite right with the otters, their eyes held a feral look in them and their clothing was made of alligator skin. Their fur was matted and smeared with blue mud in tribal designs. It was a war party if Farah had ever seen one. Each otter was armed with either a spear, sling, or leaf shaped sword. The dull sheen of the metal made Farah think they were made of iron and not steel.Farah turned towards them and backed slowly away.Triana growled as she eyed the strange otters, “This doesn’t concern you. We’re merely catching these criminals.”The lead otter twitched his rudder-like tail and pointed a claw at the four. He spoke in a strange guttural language.“Ich’s threaspás!” he bellowed.The rest of the otters took up the chorus. “Ich’s threaspás!”Farah and Torvis backed away towards the bounty hunters, their weapons poised.“Back off,” Triana warned.One otter stepped forward readying a sling, Triana loosed her arrow. The projectile struck the otter right in the chest. The tribal fell over dead into the water, blood mingling with the muddy liquid. This further enraged the eleven otter’s that were left.Triana readied another arrow as two projectiles from slings barely missed her. The rest of the otter’s charged, screaming a warcry. Triana put an arrow in a spearman’s throat as the rest fell upon Farah, Torvis and Pontz.Farah twisted out of the way of a spear thrust as an otter warrior tried to skewer her, she held the dagger at the ready. It was a poor weapon match, but the nimble thief had a trick up her sleeve. As the warrior thrust for her gut, Farah stepped to the side and forward, she pushed at the shaft of the weapon as she closed the distance and then struck forward with the dagger.The steel blade bit deep through the hide and body of the warrior. The otter coughed once before Farah extracted the blade and let him fall forward. Ordinarily Farah avoided killing, but this was a fight for survival.Torvis was bellowing as he brought his falchion down upon another tribalist. The warrior blocked the blow with his sword, the harder steel actually chipped the iron sword. Torvis kept battering at the warrior until his falchion struck deep, delving out a mortal wound.Farah found herself facing a swordsman. She ducked a wild swing for her head, closed in, and slashed the swordsman across the neck. The otter fell back clutching his neck. There was the sound of a horn blowing and the remaining otters broke off their attack.Farah looked around and saw Pontz was laying against a tree nursing several wounds. Torvis likewise had several shallow cuts. Triana’s bow was on the ground and her hunting knife was in her hand, blade red.Farah glanced at the bow then at her. The two locked eyes as they charged one another. Farah had had enough of running and if she could eliminate Triana, they wouldn’t have an archer pursuing them anymore.Torvis ran to assist, but Pontz, having regained some strength, blocked him off and the two began to fight with their falchions.“I’m going to skin you ferret,” Triana yelled as she made an underhanded cut for Farah’s belly.“Wow, that’s original. You must have put a lot of thought into that threat,” the thief taunted as she avoided the cut and made one of her own for Triana’s arm.The two circled one another, there was a flash of movement between them and then a sharp cry. Triana lay on the ground, as soon as it had begun the fight had ended.Torvis had also defeated his foe.Farah gestured to him, “Come on, those crazy otters are going to be back, and with a lot more friends.”“This way,” the bull bellowed.Farah’s tail twitched as she regarded him, “How do you know that’s the right way?”He held up a piece of parchment, “The puma had a map. Just a rough sketch, but I think I can read it.”Farah sighed, “Better than roaming aimlessly like we’ve been doing.”The two didn’t get very far before Farah heard something, the rattle of objects.“Get down,” she muttered.The two dropped to their bellies as five of the strange otters came into view. They were all carrying objects in their arms, as if they’d just looted something. Farah then picked out a few familiar items, a two handed sword and her armor among them. “Torvis, I think that’s…”“Grahhh!” The bull roared as he charged into the midst of the otters. He really wanted his stuff back. “Well, here we go again,” Farah sighed as she charged in with her dagger.The otters were taken by surprise as the bull charged into them, three were cut down before they could drop their loot and free weapons. Farah stabbed one between the ribs with her dagger. By the time the remaining few began to defend themselves, it was already too late and they were dealt with quickly.Torvis lifted his two handed sword and gazed upon it lovingly. Farah grinned as she pulled on her leather armor; she tossed the dagger aside as she buckled on her shortsword and handaxe.“Where is my… Ah-ha,” Farah exclaimed as she found her talisman, the crystal pendant. “Much better,” Torvis grunted.“Agreed,” Farah replied. “I guess going back for the wagon is pointless now.”Torvis frowned, “Why?”She gestured at the prostrate otters. “Well these guys looted it and it looks like they stripped the wood and iron too.”Torvis growled, “So what now ferret?”“What makes you think I know what I’m doing?”Torvis folded his arms. “You sure act like you do.”“Hey no one gets to make smart remarks but me!” Farah shook her head, as the steady booms of explosions were heard. “What in the Hells?”Torvis twirled his massive blade and moved in.Farah threw up her hands, “Why would you go towards the loud noises? Why?”She rubbed her muzzle before pursuing the bovine. If she lost him she’d be on her own, and odds were he’d need her help. “You know you’re not very bright, right,” Farah muttered as she followed him.The two pulled up short as they saw an amazing but terrible sight. Spellcasters fighting one another. Dagoth the opossum was battling an otter that appeared to be a shaman of some sort. The surrounding area was scorched from their spells. Fireballs and lightning bolts were being traded between the two.Every once and awhile a missile would make contact usually absorbed by a shield, when this happened though the spellcaster who’d been hit would cringe from the strain. Finally, the Opossum broke the otter shaman’s barrier. The bolt of lightning tore through the mystic’s torso and he fell to the ground in a smoking heap.The opossum sagged, the mystical battle having taken a lot out of him. Farah wasted no time running at him, Dagoth’s ears went up in alarm as he hurled a fireball at Farah. The projectile fizzled out immediately as her talisman glowed. Farah had the tip of her shortsword pressed against the opossum’s neck.“My how the tables have turned! Not so tough without your magic now are you?” “You…Why aren’t you dead like everyone else?”Farah shrugged, “I’m hard to kill. Also, I’m way too clever to get killed.”“Such arrogance. So, finish me off.”Farah grinned a toothy grin, “Now why would I do that? You’re my new friend.”Torvis snorted as hefted his sword, “What?”Dagoth tilted his head, “What?”“I know you’re spent right now with magic, but I think you’ve got enough left to conjure me a guiding light.”Torvis shook his horns. “Bad idea, he’ll jinx the spell to lead us into quicksand or something.” He raised his sword. “Just let me cut his head off.”Torvis made a practice chop.Dagoth smiled, “He makes a good point. How could you trust me?”Farah reached down and patted his cheek, “Because you’re going to swear by magic to do this.”Dagoth bared his teeth, “Again, why should I?”Farah put a bit of pressure on the blade, “You really want to die? Okay, we’ll leave you alone. You can take your chances in the swamp. It's long odds, but you just might make it, or we kill you right here and end it all.”Dagoth hissed, “Alright, alright.”He reached into his pouch and pulled out a handful of dust, “I, Dagoth, swear by the powers of old to guide you out of the swamp safely.”Farah looked over to Torvis, “Satisfied?”The bull nodded. The opossum tossed the dust into the air which shimmered and turned into a floating ball of light.“Thank you Dagoth. Now I don’t want to see you ever again. Buh-bye.”Farah and Torvis turned and followed the ball of light as it led them out of the swamp. The spellcaster was left to his own fate.As they followed the light there was the tramp of dozens of feet. Turning they saw more of the strange otters were chasing them, some were hurling projectiles from slings. The deadly missiles impacted trees with loud cracks.The two kept running and following the bobbing ball of light. Finally, Torvis snorted and turned around, his large sword held at the ready.Farah stopped in her tracks.“No!” Torvis yelled at her, “You go! I’ll hold them off.”The otters all pulled up short. Their heads tilted in interest as they saw the challenge. They moved forward slowly, all swapping to mêlée weapons.“Torvis…,” Farah muttered.“Farewell little ferret, perhaps we shall meet again.”With the parting message the bull mercenary charged towards the otters. Farah ran as she heard the sounds of battle fading behind her. Farah ran on as the trees began to thin, the guiding light was leading her on. Then a familiar figure bared her way.Farah halted as she recognized Brandt the stoat.“You,” he growled. “You are the worst bounty I’ve ever tried to collect on! All of my companions are dead or missing, it’s all your fault!”Farah shook her head, “All my fault? Uh-uh, honey. I warned you Chindiq swamp was dangerous. It’s your fault.”The stoat bared his teeth, “No!”“Face it, you’re a bad leader.” Farah smirked.Brandt pointed his sword. “I might not get to collect your bounty now, but I can at least get the satisfaction of running you through.”Farah tilted her head as she pulled her shortsword out, “Oh, how boorish.”Brandt lunged, Farah parried. She tried to close the distance but the stoat kept her away using his longer weapon. Farah was hard pressed to avoid every thrust as that quick thin blade toyed with her.She felt a sharp pain across her left forearm, she gasped in pain. Brandt grinned as he flicked the now bloodied tip at her. Farah swatted the attack away.“No witty remarks now,” Brandt growled.“Your sword is so adorable.”“Gah!” Brandt shouted as he made a series of thrusts for her stomach.At that point Farah changed tactics as she freed her handaxe. She parried the sword repeatedly, then stepped in, and hooked the blade with her axe. Farah snarled as she twisted her wrist and Brandt suddenly lost his weapon.“No,” the stoat shouted as Farah stepped in and slashed him across the chest.Brandt staggered back as Farah kicked him in the stomach. He fell to the ground with a wound in his torso.“Farewell Brandt,” Farah said as she ran away, the guiding light leading her away.Finally Farah emerged from the foliage and found herself on a dirt road. The guiding light winked out, it’s purpose fulfilled. A wooden sign was set up in the road. Farah read the names of the cities and picked one before setting off for it. It was time for a change and a new city would bring better opportunities for her. At least for a bit, she had some good connections at her old place.She paused and wondered if Torvis or Dagoth were dead. Torvis had escaped from catacombs filled with all manner of nasty things before. Perhaps she would indeed see him again?
Sculpture and 3D models
Imp with Attitude by JoynerStudio
Photography and Cosplay

Mature Content

Barbarienne by tonyc-art


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I'll be having a virtual launch party for this book on April 4th. Come and chat on my Facebook page. 'Seventh Blessed Warriors Book One'  will be released on April 4th 2017 from noon to 6pm and I'll be on Facebook to chat about it and my other books and stories (and maybe my artwork too." I'd be honored and delighted if my friends from Deviantart would poke their heads in and say hi. Follow the link for more info.…

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