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The Nuzlocke Experiment 02

You've been waiting for it, and here it is!

I took my time on this one. You can already see some of the changes I am implementing to the comic, like giving 9373 a Nose! Yes, he HAS A NOSE!
I've decided to make these in B&W for a while until I get the hang of things. Then, when I feel comfortable I may go back to color.

Do you think it is time I upload these to the Nuzlocke Group?
Please leave me your comments!

First: [link]

Previous: [link]

Next: [Coming Soon!]
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Good, although as a tip(unless you have the style how you want it) I think you should add outlines to jack. He is fine the way he is if you are doing it to set him apart from the rest of the pokemon, but in the last panel it is hard to tell the difference between his body and the main burst/explosion thing.
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A very good Point! Which I had to remedy with some lines (I dunno if I made them apparent enough though). He is, however, locked as a style after Samurai Jack which uses outlines only when absolutely necessary. So I will work my hardest to try and differentiate him form the background (or not put him in situations like that at all!)
Thank you so much for your comment! It is welcome to hear critique just as much as it is praise!
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Did... did 9373 change shirts just then? Maybe it's just the Portal shirt, but for some reason, the Assistance Orange kind of makes me think of a Companion Cube.

Anyway, loving it so far! Nice job on the expressions. And oh gosh, what is Bianca doing to that poor Tepig? XD

I think you should go ahead and upload these to the Nuzlocke Group, if you're ready to.
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Oh yes, noticed that did you? I am tipping my hat to the Portal Series, but at the same time trying to keep myself distant. This is my own thing after all.

Oh she wasn't doing anything to him (to my knowledge) I just made him make faces for entertainment. xD
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Assistance Orange XD
The art style is very different from other Nuzlockes, but I like it!
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A lot of different styles going on right now. I'm trying to use them to give personality to my Pokemon and People.

Thank you! o)
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A NOSE! a nose makes everything better. well... maybe not everything.
love the style you're using here! i like Oshawott especially.
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