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The Nuzlocke Experiment 01

And so here it is! @(
This was a monster to make. I have never done something so taxing in just 2 days time. I definitely won't be able to keep my 1 a day promise now unless I scale back the size, big time.

That said, I am pretty proud of it. There are a lot of errors still, many more things I need to learn. It'll get better, so stick with me!

EDIT: I didn't realize it was so small before, or that you couldn't read Bianca's speech all too well. So I fixed that (sorta). Tell me what you think?

First: [link]

Next: [link]
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Overseer Juniper, nice!
And you picked Oshawott!! You, sir, are amazing.
Swordplayer's avatar
What about Oshawott is amazing?
BlazeDGO's avatar
It evolves into a freaking samurai otter with swords on its forelegs. What's NOT amazing about it?
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Not to be a downer but I thought the design was a bit lacking. I enjoyed the other 2 starters more than I did this one, which saddens me as I am a BIG Water-type fanboy.
To be fair, I do like Dewott. He's looks nothing like the gangly, adolescent, that the starters usually take in their second form (I am looking at you Marshtomp).
BlazeDGO's avatar
You have a good point. To be honest, Oshawott's color scheme isn't that great. I like Snivy and Tepig more than Oshawott, but I just think Samurott is the best looking of the fully evolved starters.
I also hate how some second stage starters look. Like Croconaw, Marshtomp, Combusken, Prinplup, and PIGNITE.
Swordplayer's avatar
My only disagreement is the Croc, but I am really biased!
BlazeDGO's avatar
Although I will admit I absolutely hated Oshawott's design at first. But obviously it grew on me. I think Pignite is the ugliest out of all the starters.
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Pignite is very very ugly.
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It is dangerous to go alone! Take this small blue Pokemon.
I love 9737's expressions XD

Other than that, I just have to say: HELL YES OSHAWOTT.
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Funny, because I never pick Oshawott. I hate the little guy, so ugly. I choose him only because of the character idea I had in mind. xD
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XD I like how he's reading the message boxes. You definatly like to make things different! :la:
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