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Finally I got a chance to work on a full length movie! )) Here is a trailer of the project I was working on some time ago. The movie will be released soon. The budget wasn't big as you can see but the filming crew did an amazing job! I personally watched it with great pleasure and hope you'll enjoy it too )

I modeled and textured the T.rexes, Raptors, Cat and some other stuff )

01 by Swordlord3d
Had a chance to work with Schleich. A quick sneak peek ;)
Hey! Happy New Year to all of you!  I don't know who was the person who gave me a Core membership but thank you very much!!! :D
Ever wanted to meet a dinosaur? Dino Zoo is the closest you can get to the real thing – minus the danger of being eaten! Our life-sized dinosaurs are the most scientifically accurate portrayals of these creatures in the world. And, thanks to artificial intelligence, our dinosaurs will even behave like the real thing, based on a set of behavioural parameters for each species. You can make friends with the herbivores, while keeping a wary eye on the predators
The result of our collaboration with Andrey Atuchin, Scott Hocknull, Sean Druitt, QUT Cube and Queensland museum. Science + game technologies.……

Dino Zoo holiday program (PDF)
Two TV-shows with our dinosaur models will be featured today and tomorrow on National Geographic channel! Cool dinosaurs and amazing paleontologists - isn't it great? :D 

Dino Death Match……

Ultimate Dino Survivor:…
A small announcement for all TSL fans or just for all people who love dino games. 
Since The Stomping Land is dead I'm going to take part in upcoming game project called The Isle and I hope that some of dinosaurs made for TSL will find a new home there! Crossing fingers for successful Kickstarter campaign. =)
You can follow the project here
And here

On The Isle you will find some familiar faces from the old team ;) Not Jig of course!!! :D
Rodrigo Vega (amazing concept artist from TSL) is also there.

Welcome, guys! =)
My models in Royal Ontario Museum! Would be great to see it on my own... Thanks to Andrey Atuchin for textures and to Julius Csotonyi for sketches.…
Want to ride my dinosaurs? Look at this! :D
Hi everybody!
Here is one small "tutorial" from me. I hope it will be interesting for you. ;)…