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July 2, 2011
Triceratops in the forest by ~Swordlord3d
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Triceratops in the forest

New dinosaur from the series of images which I make for SOL 90 S.L. publishing house.
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I like the 3-dimensional imagery! 
your paleoart is so awsome
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Camper: Is that a dinosaur in the forest?
Hiker: You're just hallucinating from the mushrooms.
Triceratops: * charges at the guys* 
Hiker: Run Run!
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awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwsum moy brat! spaciboooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
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Looks so badass !!! :squee:
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Have you thought about updating this model since it's been shown they had quills?
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I haven't seen any worth info about Triceratops quills. Only about its distant relatives.
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The Houston Museum of Natural Science has all the world's supply of Triceratops skin which is on display. You can see the points where the quills came out.
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I haven't seen that points honestly. I only heard some rumors. And moreover quills themselves are not detected, right?
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The quills themselves haven't been found, but you can see the points in the skin. It's like taking some playdo and poking a stick inside of it and that's what you get. Check my gallery for the pics of the skin.
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Well, I don't see the quill there. There are marks of something thin and sharp but these holes are not too deep. So, they could be made by little "pimples" in the center of plates. This fossil is of very good quality so I'm sure, if Triceratops had the quills they had to bend in such situations and then we would get the marks of them.
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Well I'm not a paleontologist but the guy who's in charge of the exhibit is Bakker. They have quills on all their Triceratops art now, though not veyr big quills. It's better to see them in real life as you can see the holes "sinking" into the rock. Either way, there were some big sticking objects coming out of the skin.
Here check out Cheung Chang Tat's painting of it, his is probably the most accurate.
Also the skin shows us what the Triceratops more looked like, especially the belly area and under the neck. Julius Csotonyi did a great pic of all known info on the Triceratops, I'll try to get a picture of it.
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Cheung Chang Tat is a great artist but I think that this Dinosaur Revolution's Triceratops is closer to reality: [link]
I will make a new Triceratops for the museum soon and my quills will be even smaller. (if the curator won't mind)
I'm sure, if Tric had long quills (like in your example) they had to keep the marks. Not just small holes. Lines.
As for the belly area, I know it and I used these data for my model.
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Dinosaurs are so beautiful.
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very cool... great shading
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is based on the work of shartman?
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It was based on different sources.
Any idea when the Triceratops mummy will be described? I ask b/c this Triceratops seems to be based on it. Many thanks in advance.
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No, don't know. =( I also want to read the description...
Any idea when the Triceratops mummy will be formally described (I ask b/c that's what this Triceratops seems to be based on)? Many thanks in advance.
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Fantastic looking scene, and a great combination of render and photo elements :D Superb!!!
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