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Therizinosaurus. The Stompling Land. 03

By Swordlord3d
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Therizinosaurus model for The Stomping Land project. 
Textured by Andrey Atuchin.

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The therizinosaurus is like "B!tch I'm FABULOUS!"
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This is nothing short of amazing and Therizinosaurus is my favorite dinosaur. *claps*
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is this game still going to update? it has shown so much already it can't be dead, it just can't!
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Three words:ARK: Survival Evolved. (Might be overhyped though)
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I have it...and it is a bit overhyped, but its technically been released in super duper early access form....it was meant to be worked on more and released next year
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It is dead. ) But now you can find these dinos in another project: www.facebook.com/theislegame
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ooooooh! meesa likey :D
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that is the best therizinosaur reconstruction I've ever seen.
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Masterpiece! It could be showed indeed the greatest art galleries !
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holy crap this is amazing!!! god I wish I had a time machine...
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Personally I think it could use some primaries, but otherwise not bad!
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I have not played the game I'm still new to this ( I just realized it's a game cause I though it was just a series of pictures ) but is it possible that we will get an update where the players will get to play as dinosaur and human?
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The game is dead. But I hope these dinos will be used in another project where some of them will be playable ;)
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Awww that's bad Thanks! that game looks good! May I ask  questions? how do you make the game or who made the game? and is the other game ( The Isle ) set in the present day and it's like primal carnage?  
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Looking forward to the art book.
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Oh this is awesome so realistic!
That thing will ruin your day, keep up the good work.
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