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T.Rex: Ultimate Dino Survivor. 01

By Swordlord3d
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Screenshot from T.Rex: Ultimate Dino Survivor, TV-show on National Geographic channel. Hope to get HD video soon to take more images. ))

Modeled by me,
Textured by Andrey Atuchin,
Rigged by Alexander Kyshtymov
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Looks great! Is the documentary already made? I just went to the Nat Geo site after seeing this and I read about it and I am going to try to watch it. I can't wait!
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from my favorite dinosaur documentary :)
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Beautiful model and textures.
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I love your work on this miniseries!
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I saw that documentary :nod:
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great work. I feel like i'm watching on national geo!
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Looks so intimidating! 
Great work ♥
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I've seen this on Demand and it really did have some interesting facts. Even though they use the same models and footage from the special about Nanotyrannus, the Dino Death Fight.
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Love the lighting !
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IS perfect ! ♥ 
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it was there infront of me
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It was a fantastic documentary.
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I've seen this on demand, nice facts to show that T-Rexes can survive severe injuries.
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I saw the documentary today and Tyrannosaurus never ceases to amaze me.
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The Tyrannosaurus'es are not the dumb lone scaly beasts anymore
But instead they're intelligent social & powerfull beings

Congrats bu enlightening this fact ! :)
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Very Nice, my friend. I always love a red tyrannosaur
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it makes me thing of the nanotyrannus from dinosaur death duels 
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God this Tyrannosaurus was the best I'd seen since...I dunno when!
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