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Gorgosaurus 3d model Turntable

By Swordlord3d
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Gorgosaurus model for "T.Rex: Ultimate Dino Survivor", TV-show by National Geographic channel.
Probably one of the most seriously damaged dinosaur specimens with many pathologies some of which definitely have the marks of healing. All wounds and scars have been placed according to photos and scanned data from real skeleton.
Rendered in Zbrush.

Modeled by Vlad Konstantinov,
Textured by Andrey Atuchin,
Rigged by Alexander Kyshtymov

Music: Matti Paalanen - Epic Tension
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i wish this was used in a documentary more like Walking with dinosaurs because this model would had been AWSOME for that job i think.
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Wow, every aesthetic detail, every feature, I really liked it. Great! Here I leave this page I recommend it 100%, there are many 3D models that may interest you and I know they will fill you with many more ideas for their models.
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So well done! Love the scarring.
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I love the scales! there small and beady like reticula or a komodo dragon!
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excellent works, impressive
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That is just so amazing, so beautiful Gabby the Griffon icon 
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Wow! I didn't even notice that embedded tooth! Nice touches and inclusion of 'dino-damage' ;)  This is one of the best examples of Paleoart at its very finest these days. The whole composition of this 3d model is just so remarkable! So realistic! This is (if not the best) one of the best Gorgosaurus reconstructions I have ever seen!!!  All of your digital artwork, heck, ALL of your artwork is so magnificent beyond words!!!  I admire your work (as well as the fact that I have seen it in videos, games - even while I was playing Primal Carnage, I immediately notice your beautiful Acrocanthosaurus rendition). 

Keep up your fascinating, and overall astonishing artwork!!! Thumbs Up 
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Thank you VERY much! =)
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Btw, I'm not sure if I understood you correctly but that's not a tooth - that's a leg bone sticking out.  )
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This is a wonderful T-Rex skin. I hurd you did many the skins/models for The Isle game and heard you got screwed over. I wish we had these kind skins in ark Survival evolved.  WildCard could use some great artist like you.. This would looks soo much better in Ark.. Maybe you should look up Wildcard and see if they could help? Lol it was worth a shot.. Not sure what happened with The Isle, Just heard rumors you did a lot work, then they took them and never paid you. Hope that's not true.  I'm just a gamer and love anything do with dragons and Dinosaurs. I'm big fan of the T-Rexs too.  But very nicely done ;)
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Just saying, they had feathers XD
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Just saying:
1) this is arguable;
2) this model does have feathers. 
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Gorgeous! I wanna animate them all!!! XD
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Great job on this!
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This is fantasic! :iconepicclapplz: the model, the details, the pose,the anatomy....and THE MUSIC FOR PRESENTATION.
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Absolutely fantastic! I wish this were a model kit
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