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New dinosaur from the series of images for SOL 90 S.L. publishing house.
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beautiful x3

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He looks so real. :clap:

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Wow beautiful Dino.
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thats so realistic wow
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It looks really amazing. :)
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brilliant work. amazingly realistic.
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I love this one~
Its skin is beautiful, and so is the landscape.
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it looks like the hypacrosaurus :P
Your artwork is BEYOND words. Sincerely, they are simply breathtaking. All of them. If I may ask, how long does it take to complete one of your illustrations? I was astounded to see how closely they resembled your digital models. Also, if you do not mind me asking one more question, what medium do you use for your illustrations? Traditional paints/pencils/markers/ect. or do you paint digitally?

Anyway, simply wonderful art. Bravo!
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Thank you. =) It's 3d graphics + matte painting. Like in the cinema.
One image takes about 2-3 weeks.
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what a beauty!
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It seems so real !
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All I can say is DARN your good! XD I have to is that I just want to ride him XD
really has an oldschool dinosaur illustration feel to it - very cool work!
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One of my favorite dinosaurs! Awesome. =)
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Gorgeous work! I'd love to see some sauropods with backgrounds like this from you!
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Your art is phenominal.
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