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Bustling island

Illustration for SOL 90 S.L. publishing house.
Pteranodon longiceps.
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Beautiful creature 
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I love pteranodon! It's my favorite animal!

I also love how you went with the scientifically accurate quadrupedal take-off method!
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Beautifully realistic. The detailing of the skin to the shadows on the water, this had to take a long time.
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Because I have to make it in this manner according to my schedule. ) Btw, it has a fur mane.
I'd like to use this image for our book about dinosaurs. Could you please kindly guide me how to proceed it? Or, could you let me know your direct email address?
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I've sent you my email address in personal note. ;)
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Wonderful ! you bring them to life !
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Your pictures are awesome! You should make your own paleodocumentary! ;)
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Yeah, that would be awesome and I already thought about it! I will try to get such opportunity. =)
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I agree with Dragoness77 about the size of the pteranodons but everything else is just perfect. Sizewise they could be more like ornithocheirus.
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Great artwork!! ^^ :woohoo: :clap:
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I definitely think the distant pteranodons should have been smaller (all of them pretty much) because they appear enormous in relation to the landscape. I do quite like the scenery and the way you handled the creatures, though.
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this is really great! i love scenery, the cliffs and the creatures were beautifully done . i faved some of your work.
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Holy hell thats Dyrhólaey Iceland! I have been there a few times. Its awesome to see filled with dinosaurs!
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BEAUTIFUL pic, and the P. longiceps is gorgeous. But I have a question: how tall is that rocky bridge? That will answer a question I have about the pic.
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I don't know. ))) I didn't measure it.
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