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Archaeopteryx lowpoly model for DinoZoo exhibition by Queensland University of Technology and Queensland Museum. 
Modeled by me and textured by Andrey Atuchin.
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It doesn't matter if it wasn't the true stem bird, at least it was the first feathered dinosaur we knew of who wasn't a bird.

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Stunning painting, as always from you sir. Colours rich but controlled, textures fabulous. There are many wonderful paleoartists, but, along with Atuchin & Csotonyi, you are the best of the best.
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Dude is it ok if i use this in  a school projekt (its not publike and i wud like to have a pickture of it and i think this is fucking awesome)
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Now that's an interesting rendition of Archaeopteryx! 
While the modelling and posing job is incredible, as always, I have to give special congratulations to Andrey, since, like many people already said it, it looks like a painting, and almost not like a 3d model, which I think is something really hard to achieve. The magpie inspired pattern is also wonderful to look at.
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I thought this was a drawing! Nice work pal! You will post more models from museums? Also I see the feahers are a separated tool.
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Awesome and i animate dinosaurs and i make sound effects for them. would you like to see my animation and check out my sound effects i made?
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Nice work here
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Oh my god. I almost mistook it for a painting. This is amazing.
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Он реально живой )) круто! )
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This is stunning. New desktop background for sure!! Incredible work!
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So prettily drawn! Lovely work! I am used to that people draw archaeopteryx very colorful so it's nice to see a change :)
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My favorite dinosaur since I was a toddler x3. You did such a great job on this painting, the archaeopteryx looks full of life and I can easily picture it in motion.
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I thought this was a drawing :O!
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Very nice composition on this one, I like the top down view andthe model and setting are very pleasing :)
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So awesome, great details and color pattern!
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Did you base this coloration on the Eurasian magpie?
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You've done such a beautiful job with this! The bright orange eye really catches your attention.
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Holy shit that's beautiful!
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