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Albertosaurus. Dino Dana.2

Albertosaurus model for Sinking Ship Entertainment and Dino Dana project. 
New approach to depicting of Tyrannosaurid skin based on the latest researches. All scales on the body are not bigger than 1-2 mm. 

HD-sculpting and 41 UDIM in 4K.
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This is excellent work.

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I remember watching the first season as a kid

Legitimately gave me nightmares

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I saw dinos from Dino Dan Trek's Adventures in one episode of Annedroids, where Nick has nightmares after watching a dinosaur movie.

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Reminds me of the gorgosaurus from the Walking with Dinosaurs movie. Great job you’ve done here!!
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That´s beautiful!
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Simply outstanding
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More fantastic work. Only one small thing. For some reason it looks smaller than it should be. I think it's down to the background blur being a bit too much. I don't think you would get that much blur on a camera unless you were very close in, and if you were that close you either wouldn't get the whole animal in unless it was quite small. I think. Love the gold streaks on the sides and incredible detail. Thanks for taking us back in time.
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i like dino dan but dino dana? whats the sjwness going too. 
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Looks so natural 
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We missed you Vlad! I was thinking to work in own model with UDIMS. You split it in Zbrush?
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You used HD geometry? I never used, how is it?
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Well... depending on what you want to know )
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those dinosaur models in those kids show look very nice compared to your other model, kind like the tyrannosaurus rex model in dino dan and dana.
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Вот только расцветка... эксцентричная.
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This does bring a smile to my face
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Good morning friend, Albertosaurus is awesome!!!!!!!. 
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Didn’t you do the new Tyrannosaurus model for the show too?
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Neat textures & details on this dinosaur, especially the wrinkles around its arms and neck! 
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awesome! the skin looks like a combination of the WWD Gorgo and the Indoraptor xD . the details are just spectacular as always.
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It looks beautiful.
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Lovely work here.
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