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commented on Hands UP by

This makes me think of Red Dead Redemption, only with Ponies. Nice.

Also I think that revolver in his left hand has lost its firing pin. Just don't tell him that. :p

Hands UP

It took a little while, but the NetworkMeter had trouble identifying my IP again. I was able to get the error code this time.

(Fetch error) The server name or address could not be resolved (ErrorCode=12007) (Gadgets\Network Meter\Network Meter.ini - [MeasureIPWeb])

My IP didn't change this time, but my PC was in sleep mode for about 8 to 10 hours. It still had to check to see what my IP was when I woke the PC up. At the same time, Windows had a hard time figuring out if I was even connected once I woke it up, that "no connection" icon on my task bar appeared for a couple of seconds.

In today's particular case, the modem began having a hard time connecting to various sites and services. It has been almost a week since I last rebooted it. Its performance is fine until a week passes, then it just decides can't load any page at all (even its own dashboard at 192.168.x.x). At that point, the only fix is to power cycle the thing.

I should note that the modem is old. I think I had it since 2015? It was replaced before, but the current modem that I had used cannot stay connected for more than 19 hours at a time after that one winter storm. It would drop my connection for about a minute and then come back with a new external IP (my ISP puts the blame on my house's phone wiring). My more "ancient" modem is more robust versus whatever is making my connection so crappy.

In any case, just before this stuff happens and my IP changes:

  • Accessing the modem's dashboard via 192.168.x.x will take longer or it just won't load at all.

  • After waking from sleep, the PC may not immediately be detected by the modem. This causes a delay in assigning its internal IP address.

  • Most web pages will cease to load and most active connections will be disconnected.

  • Certain other connections, such as to a privately hosted game, will continue to work until the program maintaining it is closed.

When most of the above happens all at once, I am left with little choice but to reboot the modem and get a new IP address. This is necessary just to be able to use the internet normally again for the next week. I can only speculate as to why, and it would bring up the supposed wiring issue again as a potential explanation.


On the topic of Starlink, I wanted that. But the family outvoted me. They didn't trust it after a bad experience with DirectTV's satellite reception out here.

But I did hear good things about it, like the low-orbit altitude offering better latency and throughput than traditional satellite services like Viasat.

On the other hand, those other satellite internet providers are not that happy about Starlink's proposed plans for expansion. Something about having a high maintenance cost and having to replace satellites annually, among other complaints. I'm sure there's news articles about that out there.

Gadgets 7.1.0

I do recall seeing some kind of error. But the log isn't showing it right now. I have to wait until the next time my connection flakes out and I have to reboot the modem. Rebooting the modem takes a moment or two, during which time I am not connected to the internet (nor is anyone else). It has to do its little thing before it reconnects.


In my case, the flaky internet thing has been a major PITA to deal with since a winter storm hit us back around December of 2020. My ISP wants to insist that it has to do with the wiring in my house, because they couldn't find a fault anywhere else even when a technician came out in person to check.

I have one DSL modem they sent me that would lose connection to the internet for about 60 seconds approximately every 19 hours. It was almost predictable. This is the sort of event that affects everyone in the house, so it isn't limited to just my PC.

The same thing would happen when I switched to a backup modem of the same model. But when I swapped to an older modem, one they sent me like 5 years ago, I could stay connected for at least a whole week before I'd have to reboot it. The only downside to this "backup for the backup" is that the download speeds aren't very consistent. Probably to do with this supposed "wiring problem".

I'm trying to switch from DSL to a cable internet provider right now. Hoping that the rest of my family agrees to go along with it, because word from my current ISP is that they will no longer offer copper landline service, and thus no DSL, at some point in the future (they did not say when they'd pull the plug). This would leave residents in my area with limited phone/internet options: wireless (5G), satellite, or cable.

Gadgets 7.1.0

Ah. Alright. Different question. My internet has been flaky for a few months, and sometimes Network Meter can't detect my external IP address when it changes. Got any theories for why this is?

Exiting and restarting Rainmeter seems to fix this.

Gadgets 7.1.0

I was playing Minecraft and I noticed that every so often, a random single CPU core/thread would get maxed out. But what really got my attention was that the CPU Meter reports the thread as exceeding 100% utilization. I don't think that is normal.

Gadgets 7.1.0