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Anhen, active group member and photographer extraordinaire, has now joined the team to help run Swordfish-Trombones!

Please go check out her gallery of awesome work.

Thanks to Anhen and all of you who help make this group possible. I love all of you and your work dearly!


To celebrate passing 300 members I've made you all a little present. A mix CD sampler of artists both known and completely obscure. I guarantee that there are amazing songs you've NEVER HEARD on it. (I can't guarantee your taste of course). But to make it more fun, you will have to use your brain a little to get at it! Go to to claim your prize!

(if you need a hint: the pw should be obvious and the name is right in front of you) no caps. (if you can't figure it out, anyone who devwatches thefarthestshore can note me for instructions)

In other news, I'm driving from NY to LA so submissions may sit in the box for a week or longer before being approved.

Thanks everyone for your GREAT WORK and healthy participation. Thanks to you the group is doing great and consistently showcases some of the greatest work on DA!


...and stay tuned, there are big things coming for this group in the future!

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