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SquareMeter 1.1



Version 1.0
--CPU meter (average for all cores)
--RAM memory (swap not included)
--network usage (upload and download separate)
--% of space being used by your C: and D: drives (separate)
--power meter for those with a laptop (or UPS)
--computer up time in "days:hours:minutes:seconds"
--clock with day, date and time

Version 1.1
--added a notes skin; open the notes.txt file by clicking on the "Notes" label (bottom left), write and save, then hover your mouse over the skin to update it's contents
--added an RSS feeds skin; change the rss_url and rss_label in the file located in the main folder and save, then refresh; it refreshes automatically every 30 min or you can click the rss_label (bottom right of the skin to update instantly); clicking on an rss title will open your default brouser and take you to the respective page (by default you have 8 news titles)

In case you want to change the background color, opacity and font color of the skin just open the "" file located in the main folder of the skin and go nuts. I've left some comments above the respective variables to make it easier for you.
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Rss feed not working.