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The Birth of Cruentis Flores

3/31/41 BC
The night is dark yet warm in the depths of the alley ways of Massilia. It's a starless night, the deep blue sky clear as the city's bay. You're surrounded by your fellow city members, at the front of the gathering he sits proudly. Pale eyes gazing at you, his maw upturned into the tiniest of smirks. "My greatest thanks to everyone who's made it out tonight for this meeting. Whether your background is humble or no, we all have one thing in common with this walk of life. And it is our home, all of us walk these city streets each day. You've passed each other on the streets or a brief glance with one another but today being simple acquaintances will no longer be the case. Today we have become a family, until our final breaths you apart of our family and will be treated no less. And as families are, we will take care of each other, look out for each other and serve the head of the family." "In return, I promise you all attention, protection, stability, company, and a full stomach. Welcome to Cruentis Flores."

I'm so excited about this orginzation, I look forward to seeing how CF will grow and branch out! As Chevya said, welcome all yall! I hope we have a ton of fun plots to come

Chevya (c) moi
Seneca (c) MJaeK 
Alexandrite (c) TheNorthStar2014 
Clementine (c) deadwing1 
Marzipan (c) kibafan1232 
Yoon (c) HollerHowlz 
Mshindi (c) ScreamingYearly 
Shoe (c) Sparaze 
Hamilton (c) Breezy-likes-to-RP 
Birdie (c) Zincwolf 
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+31 EP to Chevya

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hnnnnn //fangirls quietly over this group
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Never actually commented on this, I realized!!

This turned out so well and I'm hyped to see what this 'cult' has in store for everyone hehe
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I love this so much! It's so pretty!!!
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...And we gotta rp Chevya and Livia now!! ALL THE DRAMA
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Yoon seems to have a death wish
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nothing new, he's thrown dead things at hunters and lived. and gotten his leg broken by matea, and still walks
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*i n h a l e s*
OhHO this is stunning what an amazing job :000

Im so excited and simply cannot wait!! :D
Best wishes!!
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babiesss this looks so good 

shoe always looks so evil and i love it
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Birdie hummed as her friend finished speaking, offering a warm look to the others and a slight wink. "Looking forwards to getting to know my new little ones~" she purred, mottled tail bristling with excitement at the future that lay ahead of them. 

She wondered who would be gliding along destinies winds to land at her paws as one of her little birds - a cat to be her eyes and ears in the streets. 

She was excited to say the least.

And so the HECK am I, lets get this train rollin'!
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here we go 👀👀👀
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