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:heart: Thank you to all of my friends and supporters. Without you guys, I wouldn't have any inspiration for the poses that I do. Thx for all of the comments and faves as well! :heart: I am so happy with what has come from making this stock account. I never thought it would have such success. And it's because of all you watchers! Rock on guys!!

:spotlight-left:1: Firstly Stock Rules::spotlight-right:

:bulletpurple: Comment if my stock is taken, because ripped/stolen artwork, and copywrite theft is not cool at all. And will be reported.

:bulletpurple: Please credit me if anything in my gallery is used. I am a stock provider here at DA and I do this all for free. The least you all can do is be kind and credit me for my work.

:bulletpurple: Send me your link of the completed deviation for my favourites. I always like to see what has been done with my stock photos. I would prefer it if you send me a note or comment on my photo rather than commenting on my front page because I could easily miss the msg!

:bulletpurple: Do NOT use any of my photographs outside of DeviantArt. If you do wish to use something for a class project, I would expect to be told first so I can let you know if that is alright. I would hope that you would credit me.

:bulletpurple: Please do NOT use any of my photographs for your personal DA ID. I would like to keep my identity thx.

:bulletpurple: DO NOT use my stock to re-create your own stock/pdf files. I work hard to take the photos for my stock, I don't need people using my stock, changing it slightly then selling it or using freely around DA when it's mine to begin with. Never claim my stock as your own or you will be reported.

:bulletpurple: If you would like to make a PRINT out of the deviation in which my stock was used, I would love for you to send me a free print. Because, although it is your manip.. it is my face/stock that is being sold for money. I believe that is very fair. Make sure to credit me in your description.

2: Info about me:

I was born and raised in Alberta Canada. My full name is Alisha Marie Ritchie. I am a pretty creative person and always have been. I look forward to each and every day because I always try something new. I am not a boring person, nor do I ever plan to be. There is too many things I would like to try in my lifetime before I am gone. I am a writer first and formost. I model some of the time and I am a beginner photographer as well. I hope that at some point in my life I can go world travelling and snap photos of different cultures, people and places. That is a dream I have always had and probably always will.

I used to really be into drawing anime and would like to get back into that at some point in the future. I am very outgoing and fun to be around, but many say that I seem to be too mature for my age.

I am probably one of the most open-minded people you will ever meet, and also the most sarcastic. I always joke and make fun. But in good ways... if you take it that way. haha

3: Personal Links
:iconswordexpert:  Main Deviant Account


Please be sure to credit me in your description so that others know it was my stock used. I always love to see what people can make out of my stock images, so please send me a link of the finished deviation so that I may favourite it! Please do not steal my stock photos. There is only one me, and I would like to keep it that way! thx. If you wish to use my stock for a print, please note me first and we can figure something out! Preferably I would appreciate a free print. ;)

:megaphone: 5: REQUESTS

I am currently NOT taking any requests for new photos. Bear with me.. I will be taking requests sometime in the future.!

PS: New stocks are being added weekly.. so please keep checking back for something you might like to use in the future. I am always coming up with new ideas for stock photos.. so there just might be the right picture for you!


I give full permission for :icondollstock: to use any photos which I send to them for their community. :)
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