It's almost my 25th B day! + I'm pregnant again

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Hello there DA world. I am turning 25 on the 27th of this month. Wow do I feel old. haha. I have been around DA for about 8 years now. Crazy how time flies. I have lived in 6 different houses since I started on DA. I have worked at 4 different jobs. I have went through boyfriends... and finally found the man I am marrying. I have a beautiful 10 1/2 month old child, Tristan...and now I just found out I am pregnant again with baby #2. I am about 9 weeks along and due this coming August.

Things change, and so have I..and my art. I am happy to still be a part of this community.



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Happy Bday & congrats :)

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Happy Birthday and Congratulation!
My good wishes....
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Happy Birthday and Congratulations dear!
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Congrats to you and happy birthday! Don't worry, I'm not far behind, I just turned 24 a few months ago lol XD
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LOL.. ya but I'M a quarter of a century old. *sniffs* Thats depressing. And going to have 2 children before i'm 26. Well at least I'll still be young and good looking when they go away to college.. bahaha
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Rotfl, aww that ain't too bad. My mother was 21 when she had me. Sadly, I know people who were as young as 15 when they got knocked up.
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Yeah I guess it isnt too bad to be this age with two kids. I could have been younger and that wouldn't have been a good choice for me. However, I know a few young teen moms that have actually done quite well for themselves and their children.. some people have that good parenting instinct, even at a young age and some do not. I wouldnt have been a great mother way back in the day. I had a lot of growing up to do.
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I'm glad for those who really do enjoy and do their very best at parenting.

I'm the flipside of the coin. I don't really want kids :/ I don't "hate" them but they're really not for me. Even so, I had medical condition that might make that either a very low chance of happening or impossible altogether. *shrugs*
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I hear ya. I never and I mean NEVER wanted children. I think it might have been because I am an only child and before the birth of my son, I had NEVER changed a diaper.. never put a newborn to sleep etc etc. So it was super scary for me. I learned quick though and now he is my everything. But kids aren't for everyone for sure..
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Honestly, I'm not sure how much of this has to do with what happened with my mom when she had my brother but the whole process and experience of pregnancy, to me, just...isn't fun or cute or beautiful, it's scary :/
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aw well thats totally true in some cases. For me, it was simple, is simple still and I enjoyed every second of it. I actually feel healthier and better looking even; when I am pregnant. I guess maybe I am one of the people that have it good while pregnant. lol.
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All the best and a very happy and wonderful healthy outcome for both of you.
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Thank you so very much. <3
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