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So last night I hit a deer. Well, run it over is more like it. Its nights like that, that I am thoroughly glad to have a Chevy 4x4 diesel with 33'' tires and a huge bush grill. If I had been in a car I probably would have swerved into either oncoming traffic or into the ditch. Possibly rolled because of the size of the deer. Wow that was frightening for me.

I am by no means an experienced driver at night anyways. I only got my license a few years back and I usually don't drive at night to begin with.

So the deer flew underneathe my chev and flew out the back end and almost hit the windsheild of the lady driver behind my truck, she was in a small SUV. She ended up swerving and missing it and then continued on to follow me to make sure I was safe. I continued driving until I hit the gravel road I was going to turn onto anyways, then she stopped behind me, and all she could say was, "You are damn lucky to have a big truck and a bush grill. "

I was just happy to see that she was okay. After I hit it and swerved all over my lane, I was scared that she then hit it and was injured in some way.

Luckily we both ended up unharmed and nothing wrong with either vehicle.. so far as I know. Not even a drop of blood on my truck.

Why do I always get into accidents when I'm pregnant? Like seriously...last year I was 8 1/2 months along and George and I got into a HUGE pileup heading to Calgary Alberta Airport. We almost had 5 semis smash into us. It was blizzarding bad but our friend's uncle and girlfriend had to get to the airport, so we picked them up and said we would drive them there (1hr 1/2) away from Red Deer where we started out.

So it starts snowing badly and there are whiteout conditions on every highway. We took Hwy2 (Queen Elizabeth Hwy) and continued on because my fiance George is a steady/excellent driver.

Just before we hit the Olds overpass, someone on the opposite side of the road flashed his lights at us. This made me nervous, so I told George "slow down," sure enough, just as he slowed down from going 120kms to 80kms, we hit complete and utter white out conditions and then saw the headlights. Headlights of a Semi who had JUST crashed into a vehicle infront of him, and those vehicles had crashed into 30+ vehicles infront of them. Then we moved off to the side (just riding the ditch line) as 300+ vehicles came smashing and crashing into everyone behind us, sending vehicles sliding all over a MAJOR highway. This is what kicked up so much snow and caused the whiteout.

George had to remain calm and quickly move forward and backwards riding the ditch to move out of trucks ways that were not slowing down and instead still going 120-130kms per hr flying past us.

Safe to say we didnt get a scratch on our vehicle...but remained there for 3 hrs afterwards while ambulances tried getting to the injured people and smashed cars ahead of us.

I was scared shitless. We are so lucky to not have died that day.

So I ask again? WHY me every time I'm pregnant? I swear my truck is the only reason we lived last year through that accident, and this time running over that deer.

I'm okay, that is all that matters.

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-That- is exactly why those big ass trucks are useful! I love the big, f-k-off trucks!
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You're okay, the other driver is okay, apart from the deer, everyone is unhurt and your vehicles aren't trashed. :nod:
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Yes and that sure is something positive! Poor deer. Although I think someone hit it before I did, it was half standing (like its hind end was up but the front legs looked broken) I finished it off for sure. :(