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MLG by swordboyeidorian MLG :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 6 0 Summer Is Over by swordboyeidorian Summer Is Over :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 13 1 Oscars by swordboyeidorian Oscars :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 8 0 Selfie with Mario by swordboyeidorian Selfie with Mario :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 7 0 Zero by swordboyeidorian Zero :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 15 1 We Found The Queen! by swordboyeidorian We Found The Queen! :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 5 3 Adeleine and Ribbon by swordboyeidorian Adeleine and Ribbon :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 50 5
Creepypasta: DKC Animated Series DVD.RIP
Anyone familiar with the animated series of Donkey Kong Country that ran from 1996 to 2000? Well, everyone knows that this show sucked because of the bizarre writing, non-existant lip synching, obnoxious characters, silly songs, and wonky animations... alright! That was a negative mouthful! Weirdly, I kinda liked this show as a 11-year old when I discovered it on YouTube, but not anymore. Right now, I got rid of my copy of Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D and my DK and Diddy amiibos and I'll tell you why.
It all started when I was in my room. I was on my laptop, growing weary of spending time around on DeviantArt, so I decided to search for DVD.RIPS so I can download them and burn a copy. On this website, there's a Donkey Kong Country Animated Series DVD.RIP and I was confused but curious when the info said that its filled with all 40 episodes from Seasons 1 and 3. I decided to watch Donkey Kong anyway as I downloaded it with all the episodes from every season. Then, I put the DVD in and
:iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 3 2
Dead Meme by swordboyeidorian Dead Meme :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 5 4 Chibi Hatsune Miku by swordboyeidorian Chibi Hatsune Miku :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 8 1
Glavastar - Chapter 7: Return To Arcanus
After a long battle, Mavaleratus was finally defeated. He suddenly reverts back into his true original form; the grand, wise human king of Glavastar who sports a golden crown, white beard and a royal robe. In other words, he didn’t really look evil in this original form but he looked exactly like a beautiful king. Me and my friends also saw the dark jewel completely shattered into the ground; we were all sure that the jewel must’ve been responsible for his corruption. As Blade and Zaber (who shortly redeemed himself) got closer to Mavaleratus, me, Aidan, and Team Fantasia were astonished at how sorrowful Mavaleratus was looking.
“Blade... Zaber... It is I... Leratus... I was truly the wise king of Glavastar. If you're both listening to me then the worst has happened... Long ago... no... I'm at a loss at what has happened but I believe that this jewel latched itself into my chest. At that moment, I felt a shriek of pain in my heart and that was the moment I became noth
:iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 0 0
Glavastar - Chapter 6: The Final Battle
As Blade uses his sword powers to slash his way up out of the remains of the destroyed dungeon, he turns back into his humanoid form, standing fiercely over the ruins as he eyes the night sky.
“Kireina! You were right! It was a poisonous grenade! If Zaber was truly behind this, then... Kireina? Kireina?! Kireina!!! Where are you, Kireina?” Blade worriedly cried as Kireina was nowhere to be seen.
Luckily, Kireina manages to use the power of her wings to rose herself out of the ashes as she flew up to Blade.
“Kireina! Are you alright?!” Blade asked.
“I am! But besides that, I’m worried that Zaber and the Esbirrons successfully captured all of our friends, especially Grace and Aidan!” Kireina coughed.
“Grace? Aidan? Team Fantasia? All of them?! Okay, this is it! This will be our last opportunity! We must save our friends! Those Esbirrons are gonna pay! And when this battle truly ends, we will finally restore harmony on Glavastar! This is our
:iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 1 0
Nasty Majesty by swordboyeidorian Nasty Majesty :iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 45 2
Glavastar - Chapter 5: Heartsick Grace
At Stilneal City, the majestic city of the fantasy world, Blade was honored by thousands of mythical Glavastian creatures for his heroism after saving Princess Biahikaria. Asproraion, a large eponymous lion-like Glavastian creature who’s a guide-protecter, was thanking Blade for defeating Zaber.
“You almighty ancient hero, has finally returned and saved Glavastar once and for all!” Asproraion said grandly.
“Well, thanks!” Blade said.
Then, all the Glavastians bowed down to Blade as a great welcoming.
“What are they doing, Aidan?” I asked.
“They’re bowing down to Blade for regaining the title of being a true hero. It’s also like a great welcome.” Aidan answered.
“Indeed! Now that we awakened him, we definitely bought peace and shining new hopes to Glavastar’s former glory. It’s good to have an ancient hero return!” Kireina remarked.
“Well, I hope this long crazy journey deserves a happy endin
:iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 1 0
Glavastar - Chapter 4: The Aqualbas Ocean
Finally, with the true hero of this story, Blade, finally joining our side, we continued to venture onward after managing to escape the forested shrine. Kireina informed us that she heard rumors that the mysterious new menace who was responsible for reviving the Esbirron invasion could be hiding in the Aqualbas Ocean, one of the cardboard islands that is is filled with majestic wonders of the blueberry juice oceans. Blade wonders if this rumor was true and we decided to venture onward to the fantasy islands. Therefore, if we find and defeat the enemy, our quest would finally (but disappointingly) come to an happy ending. Me, Blade, and our allies finally made our way to the Aqualbas Ocean. In the midst of the strangely miraculous island, we surprisingly saw... well, what do you know... thousands of beautiful mermaids! The mermaids covered every horizontal surface on the island. They swam around, talk, laugh, and even tease each other. Me, Blade, and Kireina wowed in awe but Aidan and T
:iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 0 0
Glavastar - Chapter 3: The Ancient Hero
Me and Aidan woke up just to find ourselves in a strange new world that is far, far concealed inside the magical book. I got up and found myself in the beautiful fantasy kingdom of Glavastar. The kingdom looked very peaceful and carefree. It had a wide array of improbable landscapes such as distant mountains made out of milk chocolate, cardboard islands, silent forests, and large areas of flat land with donuts acting as trees. Me and Aidan were amazed as Kireina welcomingly flew up to us.
“Oh, Kireina, it’s just as I’ve always imagined it would be! Oh, look, Aidan, there’s an island made of cardboard!” I delightfully told Aidan as I pointed to the distant islands.
“Grace! There’s a big city way out in the donut plains!” Aidan cried out as he pointed to a city far in the distance.
Suddenly, he heard a strange sound.
“What the hell? Where’s that sound coming from?!” Aidan wondered as there was a long silence.
At that momen
:iconswordboyeidorian:swordboyeidorian 0 0


Magica from Memory by Ruima-Mikaharu Magica from Memory :iconruima-mikaharu:Ruima-Mikaharu 37 5 Splatoon 2 Drawing: Splatfest Bounce Pads by theskywaker Splatoon 2 Drawing: Splatfest Bounce Pads :icontheskywaker:theskywaker 42 5 BOTW Zelda Sketch by StarWolf597 BOTW Zelda Sketch :iconstarwolf597:StarWolf597 12 0 Like an XY by 7colors0 Like an XY :icon7colors0:7colors0 59 21 .:*Precious little Octo*:. by AmyRosers .:*Precious little Octo*:. :iconamyrosers:AmyRosers 75 11 Self-control by RayDango Self-control :iconraydango:RayDango 241 25 Bowsette by RayDango Bowsette :iconraydango:RayDango 175 52 Bowsette by Geeyolo Bowsette :icongeeyolo:Geeyolo 50 1 Anouk Inkling Bust by LittleParade Anouk Inkling Bust :iconlittleparade:LittleParade 16 0 .:The Blue Bomber - Puyo Puyo 20th-styled:. by CaitlinTheStarGirl .:The Blue Bomber - Puyo Puyo 20th-styled:. :iconcaitlinthestargirl:CaitlinTheStarGirl 43 2 Super Smash Bros Ultimate Waluigi edition by SuperAlfredoUniverse Super Smash Bros Ultimate Waluigi edition :iconsuperalfredouniverse:SuperAlfredoUniverse 19 2 Wolf (Ultimate) by hybridmink Wolf (Ultimate) :iconhybridmink:hybridmink 145 11 Off The Hook Chibi (9 21 2018) by theskywaker Off The Hook Chibi (9 21 2018) :icontheskywaker:theskywaker 139 21 Alex the Hedgehog!! by geistmii Alex the Hedgehog!! :icongeistmii:geistmii 29 11 .:*Zentangle/Mandala style Callie*:. by AmyRosers .:*Zentangle/Mandala style Callie*:. :iconamyrosers:AmyRosers 125 25 Goin' Retro by YoshiMan1118 Goin' Retro :iconyoshiman1118:YoshiMan1118 137 39




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