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My DLSR and lenses :

- Canon EOS 60D
- Canon 70-200 mm USM
- Canon 40 mm STM

And new Job : Messaging engineer [Sopra Steria]

I will upload some recents pics.
See you ~
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  • Reading: Queens of shadows
  • Playing: Banished
  • Drinking: Tea
Nothing to report : just i love my new camera and lens :3
See you ~
  • Listening to: Max Graham - Down to nothing
  • Reading: L'épée de vérité
  • Watching: Les mystérieuses cité d'or S2
  • Playing: Trine 2
  • Drinking: Tea
Just winter.
So long.
Hate winter.
  • Listening to: Dark matters - Quest of the dream
  • Playing: DMC
What ?
--- Cold
--- Rain
--- Winter
--- Vampire diaries S4
--- Merlin S5 BBC
--- AMV in progress
--- One more years :/
  • Listening to: Cher Lloyd - Want U Back
  • Reading: The sword of truth
  • Watching: Merlin
  • Playing: DoA5
  • Drinking: Coke ~
After two weeks in Greece under the sun, i'm back to France.
I find the rain, the cold, my job, my alarm clock and my computer !
Many things to do and adjust. Shortly I would put my photos online.
And prompts you if you want details go to my website :
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  • Watching: True Blood
  • Eating: My fridge is empty ...
  • Drinking: Coke ~
What i do ?
Working, sleeping, sleeping, working, working and video making.

Soon i took off for the Greek Islands: Vacation ! finally ~
I think I'll publish some beautiful pics when i'll come back.

See you ~
  • Listening to: Shym' - Et alors xD
  • Watching: Merlin
  • Eating: Melon with Italian ham
  • Drinking: Fresh drink ~
"Mind the gap between the train and the plateform. Please mind the gap"
I know ! You have repeat it 3 times and this at every station. It's ok ... I know !

So, came from London. I have took a lot of pictures, London is a very beautiful city but a little expensive ...
Soon I 'll go to St Malo, Cancale and Mont Saint Michel (Next Week end).
In May i have some days during which i'll go to La Rochelles.
In june I have 1 week of  hollidays and i will go to Valencia in Spain.
And ending August i 'll go to Greece : Cyclades Islands.

My Spring & Summer migh be difficult ;p

I love discover new places and taking nice shot =)

See you ~ :p
  • Listening to: Emma bunton - What took you so long
  • Eating: Half Time menu ;p
  • Drinking: Ice tea peach
It is now two years since I have not had holiday and as it is now one year since I work, i can take some days for me. And because i work :

- i'm tired,
- i want sun and ...
- March : I will go to London
- June : I will go to Turkey (maybe : depend price)
- August/September : I 'll go to Greece.

At my return, i will upload pictures from my travel, I hope they will be good =)

See you ~

The Sun is back in France ... I prepare my trip ... to London for the moment.
  • Listening to: Britney Spears - Stronger
  • Reading: Un jour
  • Watching: Merlin
Hi everybody ~

Well ... Not lot of pictures recently but :

- i work
- The temperatures' evenings are too cold
- I have a video editing to finish quickly (AmvFr Online Constest)

Concerning pictures i try to work macro effects and deep blur.
I have some problems with manual focus.

Soon i will receive my new computer in spare parts *yeaaah*

Hope the weather will improve because i hate cold.
I prefer the light of spring or summer, where the sun shining ~

Thanx for watching
See you ~
Well ...

Like everyone i wish an happy new year for everybody ~

... For my part i have :
- new job ( new ... May 2011)
- new city ( i'm back to Paris )
- new appartment
- new camera
- new ... well maybe xD

Well i think it's a good year ~
better than 2011 >.<

See you later for some pictures.
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  • Watching: My screen ?
  • Eating: I would like pizza ~