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Police Bastard

By Swoboda
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These brave man protect you and enforce the law that keeps us safe everyday and you call them a Nazi.
Do you even know what a worser place your home would be without law or police?
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In the US, police officers KILL people for NO REASON.
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Rarely, the majority of officers know what they're doing and they uphold the law. Just like how not all blacks are thugs, not all officers are racist killers. To say otherwise is a double standard but I digress. The majority of police shootings happen in dangerous areas with a lot of crime so it's understandable that a lot of them are jumpy although they must be punished for what they did. But do not take your anger out on the many good men and women who keep us safe.
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In europe not!
The US simply needs to have strict gun laws and better officers.
Not all are racist assholes!
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(insert random letters here)
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I think we should stop here since the conversation is leading to nothing.
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Then it's going to come to Sith Lords! Then again that sounds badass...
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Great and eyecatching poster. I can understand that many countries have a history where the police were only servants of the State/political party rather than the law or the citizenry but it isn't universal.

We in Ireland had Europe's first unarmed police force the Gardaí Siochana (Peace Guards), this was to distinguish them from their predecessors the Royal Irish Constabulary who were definitely political animals and who would call on and command the army to help them in their work.

 During the 1913 Lockout they were known for attacking & killing strikers and this resulted in the founding of the Irish Citizens Army so that workers could protect themselves from the police and the factory owners hired thugs, they also took part in our national revolution(just put some old photo's of these guys up)

Most small villages and towns here have a Gardaí and they are definitely looked upon as being servants of the public rather than someone to fear.

I especially liked your "We are not the enemy" poster, it was very original.
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so now polices are nazis. I don't know what is moving in your head but I'm sure it is very irrational.
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I'm actually going into police studies at university, I hope I meet all your expectations you anarchist punk.
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Anarchist Bastard....
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You Ever listened to MDC?
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Featured [link]
I really like your work :clap:
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You realize police are necessary right? Tell me why they aren't
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He's say's he is an anarchist, and yes i would like too know why he think you don't need police, if that is what he's trying to say
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kurde smutne ale prawdziwe
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reminds me of irvin welsh's book 'filth'
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"You know law enforcers are doing well when you think we dont need them"
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