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A weapon that should NEVER have seen the light of day

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Is it safe for me to say that I don't agree with most of your politics?
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Yes, you're entitled to your own opinions just as he is entitled to his. You both are also entitled to challenge each other's opinions. Ain't freedom of speech a wonderful thing?
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Great Picture.

Too much Victims in this War.
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To be completely honest, I feel that the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, along with the bombings of Tokyo and the surrounding prefectures were completely unnecessary.

Looking back, the Navy had more than enough resources to simply cut Japan off from the outside world. We could have let the Soviet Union mop up the remaining forces in Manchuria and mainland China, and just sat in the Sea of China (or Sea of Japan, whatever gets you off) shooting down planes and blowing ships out of the water until Japan hoisted the white flag.

Japan was a test-bed, there's no denying it.
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The Soviets had plans to invade Northern Japan. Now imagine them setting up a Communist Regime in Hokkaido. Whats worse, Japan at the time was suicidal and their is no doubt that Japan would try and take as many of it's people with it if an Invasion came.
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Still, women and children died.
Im still IN FAVOR of the bombs but those civilians were still victims.

One good thing that happened to Japan after the war was that American influence afterwards.
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I agree, but its better than what they previously had before.
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Dominance? They are independant, even though they don't have much of a military. Also, economically, Japan is currently a powerhouse with a rising class of intelligent business men.
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They have free trade and trade with many nations. American markets just happen to be very profitable, due to the large population of "brainwashed" consumers.
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Nice work. I like the way the poster looks.

I don't see them as victims, they're casualties of war and war is never sane.
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Those women and children didn't do the rapes and murders of China.

I guess it kind of had to happen. Japan would have just ended with the death of millions of American soldiers or it would have been blockaded like Cuba. :(
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nice!! simple yet beautiful
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Tokyo bombing raids killed more people. Atomic weapons are just more efficient.
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Don't make sense, that upsets people.
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