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The Clone :iconladytania:ladytania 34 22
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I Want More: Entree :iconadipose-rex:Adipose-Rex 115 4
Donuts | Ariana Grande Stuffing/Force Feeding
    Ariana frowned as she looked at the assortment of donuts on the table. They looked appetizing – downright delicious really. Jelly-filled donuts dredged in powdered sugar, a dribble of pink jam peeking from their sides. Boston cream donuts robed in a thick layer of chocolate icing. A tidy row of plain, their golden dough slick with glaze. Dark chocolate, whose rich scent betrayed gooey insides. A tiny little American flag waved from each donut. A nice touch, Ariana thought.
    Ariana gulped and caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror of her dressing room. She was wearing a high-waisted skirt and a crop top, tiny tummy flat and toned and her breasts pushed up into perky globes. She looked perfect, and to keep her perfect figure she needed to avoid these kinds of temptations.
    “The only donuts in the order were supposed to be chocolate glazed and plain glazed. I don’t eat dairy. Are these even v
:iconnickbloom:NickBloom 204 14
Mature content
The Brothel :iconthefatnesswithinyou:TheFatnessWithinYou 92 6
Camera adds more than ten pounds
Danielle was a pretty girl, early 20's, golden brown skin, and a nice curvy body. Her looks instantly got her attention where ever she went. But her body had started changing a bit when the young woman started modeling.
When she first started modeling, she went to a studio where the photographer would take various pictures of her. But, Danielle noticed a slight growth spurt after every photo session where it seemed it butt had grown.
At first, she thought it was her immagination, until the day she went into the studio for another session. She came in wearing some tight blue jeans. After a few photos where the camera gave off a bright flash, the session was over. But Danielle noticed she culd barely fit the jeans she came in with.
The young woman alays a had a cute, round butt, but she ate good, healthy food, and excisied often. Ever since she started modeling, her butt size increased. She connected the growth spurt with the studio and stopped going. Two days later, Danielle was invited
:iconcitizenbjm:citizenbjm 315 24
Harem Troubles
You know, living with 4 cat girls is one thing, but when your best friend comes over, things can get awkward, or in my case, really interesting. My life changed really drastically when my girlfriend and her cats all became cute cat girls, but it became even more interesting the time my friend came to visit.
As I'm sitting on my couch one day trying to use my computer, Rebecca, my girlfriend, and Mila the nice white haired cat girl snuggled up to my side, the door bell rang, which sent the shyest one of the bunch, Vee running to my side. Getting up after prying myself free I opened the door to none other then my friend Will who caught me by total surprise.
"Hey Fisk, thought i'd drop by and see how your doing, we haven't seen each other in awhile, and I wanted to see how the whole cat girl situation is going."
"Oh, well its going ok, not very used to it yet, I mean I was used to their clingyness before but now their full on humans so its a bit smothering even though it can be nice at ti
:iconmasterlucario234:MasterLucario234 64 9
Mature content
The Harem Village :iconknightofloyalty:KnightofLoyalty 99 3
Mature content
Amazon Apocalypse :iconadipose-rex:Adipose-Rex 121 29
Mature content
I Love a Parade :iconadipose-rex:Adipose-Rex 89 8
Shy by Dannyckoo
Mature content
Shy :icondannyckoo:Dannyckoo 179 26
The Slime Cave Part 3
With her newfound companion's glow lighting the way, Kiri found her way back rather easily. "Excellent. Now, you do have a way to climb back up, yes?" Giving the steaming woman a rather cold glance, Kiri called for her pack mule. "Hey, Dahlia! Where are you?" No reply. However, she spotted her damp gear near the edge of the water. "Okay, here's my stuff, where's..." Suddenly, there she was, Dahlia, standing right beside her, a large grin on her face. "There you are! Okay, listen carefully. I think I may have found an alien." Dahlia, instead of replying with her usual doubtfulness, responded with an, "Okay!". Kiri gave her a look. What the heck? "Hey, since when have your eyes been green?" Suddenly, another Dahlia appeared, identical to the first."What? Dahlia? Which one is...? The magma woman walked over, not looking very happy. She then pinched the one with green eyes, and the rest of them watched as the green-eyed Dahlia melted into a puddle of goo. The real Dahlia gasped. "Oh, what
:iconhoverphone:hoverphone 74 4
The Slime Cave Pt1
The Slime Cave Pt1
Weight gain/expansion/slime
Somewhere deep in the Amazon…
The researcher and explorer, Kiri Thorne, was delving deep into the jungle, looking to find new species of plants and possibly animals. With her, was her shy assistant, Dahlia. Exploring a part of the endless jungle that had never been touched before came as exciting for the adventurer, but not for her pack mule assistant. “Hey, Miss Thorne? I think we should take a break…Miss Thorne? The young woman, only 19 years old, could barely hear her as she scaled a tree nearby, startling a toucan. “Take a break? Come on, we’re almost to the new area!” Kiri suddenly landed back on her feet in front of Dahlia, scaring her. It was a bit of an overstatement to say Kiri had an Amazon build, but she did. She was 6’5” with a trim slightly muscular body, with voluptuous features such as large, proportionate breasts and shapely hips. Dahlia, as you could’ve guessed, was m
:iconhoverphone:hoverphone 202 6
Sweet Punishment: A Sweet Too Far
    Emily was the daughter of an extremely successful trainer, and with that came the list of expectations. To her end, Emily managed to live up to many of them. Only when her mother saw her in a bikini (for the first time), showing off muscles, tones legs, and a smooth stomach did she acknowledge her daughter. 
    But everyone had a fatal flaw.
    Emily's fatal flaw was her sweet tooth. Oh, how it plagued her mother! Ever since finding out about her daughter's latest candy-binge, she began trying everything she could to bring her back to what she was supposed to be. Unfortunately, her daughter beat her at every step. By the end of the year, she was sure that her daughter was gaining weight.
    It was then that she was encouraged by a friend to turn to magical assistance.
    "So, you wish to turn your daughter from junk food forever?" An oddly garbed woman said, with old age in her voice.
    "You can
:iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 96 2
Mature content
Sweet Punishment: The Cookie Jar :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 48 3
Mature content
Sweet Punishment: Cheesecake Cave-In :iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 80 7
Home Alone and Stuffed
It was a hot summer day, and the sun was beating down on the people below. A couple loaded their small red car with luggage. As they lifted the heavy bags into the trunk of the car, two teenagers walked out of the house. A thin, blonde fifteen-year-old girl, and a tall, gloomy-looking eighteen-year-old boy.
The girl leaped up and down excitedly, waving at her parents as they finished loading the luggage into the car. “Bye, Mom! Bye, Dad! See ‘ya later!”
The boy crossed his arms and glumly stared at his parents. “Bye.”
“Good-bye, Cheryl. And good-bye, Peter!” their mother shouted from afar, as the car was parked a little ways away from the house.
“Take care of your little sister, Peter!” their father grinned at them before opening the door of the car and sliding into the passenger seat.
“Yeah, whatever.” Peter responded quietly, darting a glare at his little sister.
Cheryl continued waving her arm in the air and smiling a
:iconstuff-z:Stuff-Z 401 29

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I will try to use this journal to make people aware of the clubs and groups that are out there. I am doing this to promote the sharing of ideas, that should be present in any community.
   1) Remember that we all came from somewhere. This means that we all came out of our mother's womb devoid of any talent, so we should help those that need our help.
   2) We all have differences in ideas and we will have differences in opinions, it is through the exchange of different ideas and opinions that new ideas and trends have emerged through out mankind's past. We need to foster the exchange of those ideas, as well as question them.
     I will try to put this list together on a daily basis and add them also to the appropriate journal page alphabetically. Please if you see any clubs or groups that I have missed, send me a note or a comment.

      My work here has been featured in a news article by TwistedHearts [[link] I really appreciate this very much. Thank You. Hon.

      I'm going to leave this group posted at the top of the page as long as it's needed. It's for a good cause and that's all that needs to be said about that.

May 04, 2013:
May 06, 2013:
May 09, 2013:

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    Index of the Clubs and Groups lists.


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