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A Chocolate Bar
Rachael was an overall average girl of 15 with average brown hair and an averagely pretty face and an average body, as she was a swimmer for her school.
Rachael's younger sister, Harriet, was two years younger than Rachael and was on the podgy side. She had short blonde hair and was called cute by many when she was younger.
Walking to lunch, Rachael and Harriet were discussing what they would be doing after school. Another swimming practice was Rachael's plan, whilst Harriet was going to laze at home and watch television with some snacks.
"Woah, Rach!" exclaimed Harriet. As Rachael turned to face her, she saw that her sister had found an unbranded, unopened bar of chocolate on the ground. "Let's split!" Harriet beamed, snapping the chocolate bar unevenly. "Oh... well, I'm eating more later, so you can have the bigger half." She handed Rachael a large chunk of chocolate and the two ate their pieces quickly.
They split up at the dining hall, and Rachael sat down with a tray of food with
:icongaininq:gaininq 252 4
OC: The Big Prom
     Victoria grimaced at the mirror, holding up her dress and matching leggings in front of her. Prom was tonight, and she only had to put on her dress to be ready. However, it wasn't as simple as that. Victoria looked at the dress, disappointed. She had bought it back when she was a freshman, it had caught her eye instantly, and had been saving it for senior prom. It was a stunning dress, woven of ebony silk, and when she had worn it back then it had felt like it had been made for her, matching her long black hair and dark eyes to turn her into an ethereal beauty. Now she had to admit the truth to herself. It wouldn't fit.
     When Victoria had walked through the door on her first day of high school, she had been a popular girl. Meeting up with her friends from middle school, she quickly became the girl everyone talked about. Being the popular, she applied for the high school equivalent of high society, the cheer squad. All her friends had joined up, so
:iconkrabopolis:Krabopolis 252 8
The Fattening Car (BBW/ weight gain/ stuffing)
The blinding rays of the red, hot sun hit our protagonist's pale face strongly. Stacy seemed like someone who had everything that she could possibly dream about. This was sadly not the case even though she was tall, thin, and surprisingly intelligent. Her maturity and intelligence somewhat diminished her interest in boys even though they simply couldn't keep their hands of her seemingly perfect body. Stacy truthfully longed for some form of intelligent conversation with a male and not just complements on her physique. At a young 18 years, Stacy stood at a tall 5'8 and weighed around 130 pounds. It wouldn't take a genius to understand why Stacy was one of the sought after females in her entire school. Sadly, high school had recently ended which lead to Stacy being much more lax on her diet, leading into a extra pounds off fat. Stacy still looked gorgeous with her perky b cup breasts and her large firm ass. Stacy was sadly facing a conundrum with her increased appetite with a friend of h
:iconbobiscool18:bobiscool18 213 16
The Land of Chocolate
The Land Chocolate
MiMi sighed as she tapped her pencil on the table. Why did math have to be so boring? It was so pointless and there was so many numbers, it got confusing. She glanced at the clock; it was even too early to go to bed! Groaning, she leaned back in her chair. If only she had something interesting to do besides silly homework. She was thinking of an old story her Grandmama once told her.
"A long time ago, there was a kindly old witch who loved to make sweets for all the little boys and girls. So she made a place that all the children could go to if they were got scared, sad or even bored. It was a magical place with cocoa waterfalls, marshmallow clouds and graham cracker trees. If anyone ever wanted to go to this magical land of chocolate, all you had to do was snap three times and then say, ‘I love chocolate more than anything!"
That story always managed to make MiMi smile. She could see the land of chocolate so clearly. She pictured tree trunks of peppermint, the
:iconodd-odette:Odd-Odette 270 25
Wrath of the Self-Feeding Sweets
Inside the comfort of her own home, Leanne, a striking blonde with tanned skin and hazel eyes, picked up a thick, white trashbag right out of the can. Just before she set it down, she shook her head, already silently responding to the stench of trash. She knew that keeping her little home clean was important, but she despised doing so after a gathering.
Specifically, a gathering like the night prior. With most of her friends, some of which idolized her in her school days, flocking over to her like moth to a flame, it seemed like many were willing to make the pilgrimage just to see her. Her perfectly proportioned hourglass figure saw her through the door, just where she soon left her trash at curbside for pick up.
“Finally,” she dusted her hands, not even taking the time to look back. “That’s the last of it.”
Once she was gone, something came from behind a tree, as if to magically arrive from a shadow. In that figure’s hand was a bag.
“The Green
:iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 80 0
Glutton's Curse 2
    A woman who had spent a lot of her time badmouthing the fat, pudgy, and the chubby was stricken down by a white thunderbolt and suddenly came out with a hunger of 100 women. Such a tale was that of illogical fallacy, Mareesa thought. She heard all the other girls talk about it in the Academy. But so far, she hasn't seen anyone else suffer that fate. Naturally, the girls of Elle A. Fent Academy weren't all slim. But the chubbiest woman still wasn't too out of shape. The most she had was a softer belly than the others. 
    An older woman came by and nudged Mareesa's shoulder.
    "Are you still in there?" She asked.
    Mareesa realized she was still in the middle of a game against fellow students in basketball. "Sorry. Just been thinking."
    "Well, just get in there and do your thing."
    "Yes, Coach!"
    Mareesa ran in, and the other girls braced themselves. Maree
:iconrevivedracer209:Revivedracer209 46 2
The Cursed Weight Gain Dream
Jenny didn’t believe in witchcraft.
Raised an atheist, she had always felt certain that spells and magic of any description were resolutely confined to the domain of fiction. Over the course of her miserable seventeenth year of life, however, her faith, or more accurately her lack of it, was shaken.
She’d started to have dreams. Every night, she dreamt the same thing; she’d be sitting in a majestic banquet hall, alone at a table that bowed under the weight of more food that any one person could hope to eat. And every night, the delicious scent of this fictional feast was so great that she couldn’t help but dig in with her bare hands. Plate after plate, serving after serving she would consume relentlessly, gorging without restraint like a starving animal.
There she would eat alone for what felt like hours, impossible amounts of food passing her lips and making its way to her stomach. By the time the feast was over and the grand table was bare she was stuffed, and
:iconmashuky:Mashuky 176 11
Mature content
A Girl With Weighty Goals :iconsnotbowst1991:snotbowst1991 359 12
Mature content
Treats Bakery :iconbillsfan248:billsfan248 216 16
Dessert Wish Part 2
Renee woke up the following morning with a groan. Part of her didn’t have to force herself out of bed, but part of her also wanted to get up to have morning dessert before school. Her appetite won and she heaved herself out of bed. She heard the sounds of scarfing from Marge’s room so she waddled over to see what it was.
Renee opened the door and saw Marge, her mother, pinned down to the bed by her massive rolls and scarfing down a large gummy bear. “Oh good morning Renee. Don’t mind me, I’ve just been having dessert….” Marge swallowed the gummy bear whole, her belly bulked out even further, approaching the end of the bed. Marge closed her eyes and suddenly another two large gummy bears appeared. “Wow Mom, how did you do that?” Renee asked. “Oh this? I discovered that if you concentrate on the thoughts of dessert, then desserts will appear. I used this trick to eat dessert all night. Sorry I didn’t, oh one sec.” Ma
:icongriffin1122:Griffin1122 93 2
Dessert Wish
It was an ordinary afternoon in a normal everyday household. Marge was a single mom with a kid named Renee. Marge was a decent cook when it came to vegetables but not much else. So every meal consisted of nothing but vegetables. She didn’t do it because she was strict, she just couldn’t prepare anything else. “Renee! Time for dinner! It’s cabbage and tomato stew!”-she called out. Renee was a skinny, healthy, 8 year old girl. She was very obedient and loved her mom very much, she was the type of girl to eat her vegetables but she was starting to long for variety.
Renee came downstairs and asked her mom, “Vegetables again? Huh, hey Mom? Can we have some dessert for once?” “Well, you can have carrot cake, without the cake or apple pie without the pie. Otherwise no, only vegetables.” Marge replied. “Oh. Ok.” Renee sat on her chair and ate her stew and cabbage. Marge sat down across from Renee. “Did you have fun at scho
:icongriffin1122:Griffin1122 111 8
Mature content
The Countess's Heir :iconeyebeast:EyeBeast 141 8
A Backwards Wish
Miranda was new to town and had decided to visit the shops around town, one of which was a quaint antique store. The girl wasn't exactly skinny, but definitely wasn't fat. She had nice round breasts and a nice butt and a little bit of a belly. She tried to work out and jog but she had awful stamina and couldn't keep going.
Miranda entered the store and found an old jewellery box on a shelf. Inside it was a beautiful necklace with a tiny golden charm in the shape of a star on it. It was fairly cheap, so Miranda bought it without a second thought.
Once home, she pulled out the necklace and hung it around her neck. Suddenly, the room went dark and a voice rung from nowhere.
"What is it you want the most in the world?"
Miranda was shocked but stammered, "T-to be skinnier than everyone else around m-me!"
At that moment, the light returned and in front of Miranda stood a very obese woman with pale blue skin who wore only a crop top and panties, a blue gem above her belly button, which was in
:icongaininq:gaininq 212 2
Love Labour Lust
     "Are you f**kin' kidding me?!" Rachel cried, fingers idly twirling through her own golden locks.
     She was in the bathroom, standing on the digital scale she had given to her flatmate as a gift. Completely naked, she had expected the digits to read something between the 150-175 lb. area but, to her shock, it gave a solid 198. The sounds of her outrage reached as far as the kitchen where, as best she could, Mila was tending to dinner.
"What does it say?" she called out, but Rachel was already on her way in.
"198 pounds!" she moaned. "I've barely eaten anything, but it's all gone straight to my stomach!" She pointed at her paunch, which was not quite large enough to be considered a true belly, but was certainly in the making. Scowling, she took a seat on one of the kitchen stools and began shaking her fat, as if believing that it would disappear. Mila found it incredibly hot, seeing the young girl, completely bare, messing
:iconthejackalpb:thejackalpb 130 4
Mature content
Fattened by the Mistress :iconeyebeast:EyeBeast 212 11

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I will try to use this journal to make people aware of the clubs and groups that are out there. I am doing this to promote the sharing of ideas, that should be present in any community.
   1) Remember that we all came from somewhere. This means that we all came out of our mother's womb devoid of any talent, so we should help those that need our help.
   2) We all have differences in ideas and we will have differences in opinions, it is through the exchange of different ideas and opinions that new ideas and trends have emerged through out mankind's past. We need to foster the exchange of those ideas, as well as question them.
     I will try to put this list together on a daily basis and add them also to the appropriate journal page alphabetically. Please if you see any clubs or groups that I have missed, send me a note or a comment.

      My work here has been featured in a news article by TwistedHearts [[link] I really appreciate this very much. Thank You. Hon.

      I'm going to leave this group posted at the top of the page as long as it's needed. It's for a good cause and that's all that needs to be said about that.

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May 06, 2013:
May 09, 2013:

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