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:new:2/28/21 - Updated him to the new ref sheet!
8/17/20 – Finally gave the boy some new art, updated family (I totally didn’t forget to add the kids for over a year), and cleaned up his app. I can’t believe he’s been here for over five years.

9/23/18 - This thing is really old again. ADDED HIS NEW MATE, HANI <333
5/25/17 - Poor boy got his butt kicked by Ruebane. Added new scars
4/3/17 - New picture, updated his personality, friendship, and timeline
10/16/15 - Got a new picture, revamped his personality, updated his relationships and changed his in-game history to be in chronological order. He's an adult now AND a Gamma Courser!

Name: Lawson
Nickname: Master Lawson (Rah'at title), Laws, Porcupine (Hani)
Age: Adult (~7 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 34"
Weight: 110 lbs
Physique: He has a thick muzzle and eyebrows, and expressive eyes. He is muscular and sturdy with large paws, as he tends to rely more on bulk than speed, but he is agile (with some concentration). Long hair on his cheeks and chest makes him look scruffy. Due to injury and age, he sometimes will walk with a slight limp on his back left leg.
Scars: Large gashes on his left shoulder and right front leg from Ruebane (the scars on his leg are pretty random and don't have a specific design. I don't draw them consistently haha)
Scent: Nutmeg and wood with a hint of citrus.
Territory: Aryn
Rank:Master Courser

Mate: Hani
Children: Seava (daughter), Harley (son), Lidya (daughter), Yama (son)
Family: Erin (sister, abroad), Ashwood (first cousin once removed)
Voice actor: Matt Lanter


Always protective of his family and Aryn, it got kicked into overdrive after the murder of Alcatraz and Lady Athena. It became wired in his brain that anyone not from Aryn was an enemy without question. When Raphael came into leadership, he sided with the young wolf without hesitation; he was one of the last things he had to remember his dear friend by. Members of Aryn are considered his family and without hesitation will put his life on the line to defend them. However, new members are met with slight hesitation rather than open arms. He’s quick to panic when they are out of his sight. Long story short, he’s become quite clingy.

He tends to come across as blunt. It’s usually harmless yet it’s not uncommon for him to speak his mind without a second thought. Sarcasm is a defense mechanism he’ll hind behind along with roll of the eyes. Addressing wolves by their titles is a trait he never embraced; the only one he will is Lady Athena. In that retrospect, when he is called Master, the courser will instantly sneer and, if he remembers his manners, ask they drop the honorifics. He swears quite often, having to stop himself constantly when talking to elders or pups.

He will admit wholeheartedly that he’s very lazy. He enjoys sleeping in and taking leisurely strolls through Aspendell. When asked to join in activities or adventures, he can be very stubborn about doing it, but once he agrees, he usually will have the time of his life and be thankful to partaking. It's getting him to agree to try something new that is the hard part. Once Laws has his mind set on something, it’s a bit of challenge trying to get him to listen to any other way, even if he’s obviously wrong.

Lawson never expected to be an important figure in Aryn. He was more than content to spend his days as a Delta under the leadership of others. No real drive, he avoided responsibility like the plague. Truthfully, he is terrified of having to make decisions that would affect others. However, with the loss of Seaver, he surprisingly proved himself to be a suitable candidate as Beta. Even more shocking was he liked the role. There had been stumbles and mishaps along the way, but he now embraces the role wholeheartedly. Laws is filled with joy when other coursers come to him for advice or teach new techniques. 

Once social to a fault, the wolf now keeps his feelings and emotions close, except for the occasional emotional outburst when it no longer can be contained. He only confides in close, trusted friends, and it’s much more difficult to gain his trust. Nowadays, actions speak much louder than words, though that still might be enough to get on this wolf’s good side. He never quite dealt with the trauma of finding Alcatraz’s mutilated body and lost one of the most important wolves in his life. As such, there isn’t anyone he can really confide it, causing his anxiety to cloud his better judgement sometimes.

Lawson loves and he loves hard. Hani and his children are his entire world. He carries an extreme amount of guilt for missing the children’s’ birth. For as much as he wanted to be a father, there is a small sliver of doubt and awkwardness whenever he interacts with them. It seems to have slightly ebbed away as they’ve grown older.

Pre-Group History: The brown wolf had a somewhat typical upbringing. He was born in a pack outside these lands to two very loving parents and two siblings. As he grew older, there was restlessness within him that he couldn’t ignore. He would ask his siblings and parents if they ever had anything like it, but they were all content with their lives. One day, he bid his family farewell and set off to find... something. Law wasn't sure what exactly what he was looking for but knew that it wasn’t with the comforts of home. After a few hours of traveling by himself, he was surprised to find that his sister Erin had followed him. Part of him selfishly wished she hadn't tagged alone as he wanted this adventure for himself, but as they traveled together, he couldn't imagine her not by his side.

- He has a slight fear of thunderstorms he’s quite embarrassed about. Small storms make him tense whereas large, intense ones can send him into a pup like state. His typical coping mechanism is to find a dark space and wait for it to pass.
- Lawson desperately misses Alcatraz. Some nights when he can’t sleep, he’ll go find a quiet, secluded spot to mourn his friend; he’ll even talk to himself as if Alcatraz was there.
- Terrible at directions.

- He doesn’t like to admit he’s getting older – it’s a sensitive subject
- Even though it was some time ago, he still gets nightmares about Ruebane, Starke, and the mysterious wolf with green eyes
- Lawson wishes he was better at fighting
- Although he doesn’t mind Lady Cassandra, he has some conflicting feelings about the new leader. He wants to continue to be a loyal and dedicated member of Aryn, yet he has a more quiet, subdued, and borderline aloof personality when they are together.

Lawson (c) me!
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