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One night in Nottingham
On an average night in a darkened club
time stood still for a moment
as you took to the stage and prepared to hit us
with youre gleaming repetoire of
howling guitars and insistant beat
urging us to join in, owning the moment
as has become your art. through
exhaustion and the pain in your eyes
Guitars gleaming
bass vibrating
crowd is eager
breath is bated
we couldnt help but wonder if tonight
would be the night it got too much
but as the growl ripped through the music
we knew you'd won again. fast forward
to another time of laughter and group
songs, ringing out with smiles in our voices
as the jokes and laughter came thick and fast
creating memories that beg to be re-lived
it came to an end, as all good things must
why cant we catch time? and shape it
into a mirror, to gaze upon good times past.
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 2 3
Ode To A Friend
You look at me, with eyes
brimming with something i cant explain
is it compassion? is it just fun
i cant explain you and thas why i love you
violet is held like a long lost lover
caressing until she sings
plying the trade on the route you were destined for
i wont be the only one that cheers when the headline screams your name
true friends you have only a few
they stand tall when you need support
emotional battlements ready to face the storms
as you have done for them
Silent, grateful
you fall into sleep, remember there are those
that need you to wake
to enlighten our day
with your pearls of wit and wisdom,
your self-depreciation
you make us smile with all of our soul
and we will remember that
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 1 1
Ode to a certain guitarist
As I looked up, your profile clear to me
as you were etched against the stage-lights
holding your Jackson like a gun
ready to slay the demons of grunge past
with fair Mr Winkler as your partner in crime
sending shudders through the crowd with the riffs you divulged
to every one of us, coating us with the sound
of Playboys in full swing, of happiness and Good Times
you teased us with your playing, then the sweet coyness
in your eyes...none of us were prepared for the coiffured
flirt that you are, sweet yet dangerous, knowledgeable
in your art, "many a riff and pair of ripped jeans"
but the bio left out the almost porcelain seemingly
fragile looks yet the soul of a tiger...this stage belongs to you tonight
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 2
Mature content
No Remorse :iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0
Leaving this world
She lies there
enrobed in the night
waiting for the darkness to take her through to a new realm
She wonders if it will make any differrence but she already knows the answer
but shes not telling you.
She thinks of days gone by
of scraped knees and dungarees
of childbirth and worry
of pride and contentment
of ageing and growing old
gracefully? I think not.
It came as a blow
she knows she doesnt deserve this
but it saves another person the suffering
heh...all this tosh about a white light
all she has is the november moonlight glittering off the ornate picture frame next to the bed
she is not afraid anymore
what is life if you hang around and get bored?
Her eyes grow heavy and her pain is gone
she has lived
and she is happy
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0
i stood up tonight and asked myself why
why is it always me that gets the blame?
at the time of my life I should be aiming high
you caste me down into flame
you always demand, you never ask
and make me feel like dirt
you show me no confidence with the smallest task
and dont care how much it hurts
it seems you dont like me having friends
you talk about them in derogatory terms
youve done this since i was in nappies
sometimes i wish i was sleeping with worms
what kind of mother makes a child feel like this
unspeakably sad and cold
when i should be enjoying teenage bliss
you make me feel so old
tears are rolling down my face
as im writing this poem for you
i cant bear to be in this place
and i cant bear that its all true.
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0
BabyGlam by SwitchbladeJen BabyGlam :iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0
Ode to my hero...
As I sit here in the half-light, in the cold light of day
I'll try to list all the things that make you my hero
I ponder what it is that makes you special to me
And I know I won't be able to write them all
First of helped set me free
You saw I was hurting, you listened all day
You gave me a shoulder to cry on...never judging
You made me see the bright side of a storm
Even though you had your own troubles, you let me talk
And you didnt just hear.
This is an ode to a true friend
One that is worth more than gold
Rarer than a brilliant diamond in a mine full of coal
And a million times more beautiful to me
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0
Mature content
Pain is everything :iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0
Ode to Pro Plus
Ode to ProPlus
Here I sit
Its six o clock in the morning
Writing poems about you
Its not late
Yet im yawning my head off
I Will need you today...
And I know that it might
Be too late for sleep
All I know
I'll need you later...
More than words can say
I'll need you later
Ive got to find you now
I need you now
Before I lose my job I need you now!
Here I am, Im looking out my window
Are you still on special offer?
Wont let you go
At six o clock in the evening
I'll need you more than ever
And i know that it might
Seem too late for sleep...
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 1 0
Power metal dude's dream by SwitchbladeJen Power metal dude's dream :iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 1
Mature content
You bastard...I love you :iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 1 3
Metal heartbeat
Standing at the edge
listening to the screams and howling below.
But this is what you wanted so badly,
Isn't it James?
The howling symphonies of axes being prepared.
The wolf is in his place,
Snarling in anticipation
As he waits for the lights to burst into life.
Sweating now as you peer over the edge of the pit
Now you realise this is what you have been waiting for...
Waiting.....looking forward to,
Sleepness nights are forgotten.
You jump into life.
Old favourites.
This is your night, Hetfield.
I feel your presence wash over us.
Make me happy
:iconswitchbladejen:SwitchbladeJen 0 0

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