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Introducing the all-new fanfic by Swissair171...

This is it, When the Hunters Become the Hunted. It's been a hell of a long time coming, but it's hot off the presses and it's finally here!

In case you haven't noticed, in my headcanon, Helen, Violet and Mirage like to indulge in Nazi hunting, because it's the seventies and there's still plenty of those Hitlerite bastards out there. Incidentally, the Black Cross Movement and its paramilitary wing, the Bonneville Guard, are based on the Nazis/SA/SS/Volkssturm; the NSB/Mussert Guard; the Ustaše; the Croatian National Resistance/HNO/Otpor; the Interahamwe; and the IRA, circa. World War II. (You get the picture.)

As for Mirage's choice of sidearm (a Smith & Wesson Model 10 with a three-inch barrel), this is due to the fact that I watch far too much Police Rescue and Water Rats (don't judge me). Her choice of car is due to the fact that I watched far too much Cry Freedom as a teenager. (Again, don't judge me!)

Please comment and fave, but remember; racism, neo-fascism and Holocaust denial/obfuscation will NOT be tolerated! If you espouse these things, I will block you! You have been warned.

The Incredibles (c) Disney/Pixar.
The Volvo 140 Series (c) Volvo Car Corporation.
The BMW 2800 (E3) (c) BMW.
The Plymouth Valiant (c) Whoever owns Chrysler these days.
The Smith & Wesson Model 10 (c) Smith and Wesson.
The Browning Hi-Power (c) Fabrique Nationale d'Herstal.
The Walther P38 (c) Carl Walther GmbH Sportwaffen.
The Black Cross Movement, the Bonneville Guard, Municiberg City Council, the Metroville Supers' Affairs Department, Kantonssuperheldendienst Zürich, Stadtsuperheldendienst Zürich and all OCs (c) Swissair171. (ME!)

EDIT: Mirage is now part of Stadtsuperheldendienst Zürich, not Kantonssuperheldendienst Zürich.

EDTI: I have now changed Mirage's backstory so that she was working with Kantonssuperheldendienst Zürich at the time when she was recruited by the NSA, and not the Service des super-héros cantonal genevois (Geneva Cantonal Superheroics Service) as was previously stated.
Published:   |  Mature
© 2014 - 2021 Swissair171
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danielhudson560's avatar
hi so sorry i have not commented before now. i think they are really detailed. i love the lay and how the story progresses on. i am loving it each time. i love the characters very nice plot twists and turn .  i hope to comment again soon. i hope your well. have a nice day all the best take care be safe daniel

*sigh* When will they learn that supers are NOT the bad guys! Darn human prejudice...

Great chapter overall, with good action, drama, and a bit of suspense!

Swissair171's avatar
Thanks. Glad you like it.

Supers as a persecuted minority group is going to be very much a theme in this fanfic, as will Nazi hunting. Branko Kostajnić will not be the last Axis fugitive that the Incredibles and Mirage go after in this story. Watch this space, my friend. :XD:
EchoWing's avatar
Not a bad story so far, but it feels awfully heavy on exposition.
Swissair171's avatar
Don't worry, the later chapters are generally much shorter.

Anyway, what exactly did you like about this chapter?
EchoWing's avatar
Well, as much as I detest Nazis and anything like them, I did find it realistic that a group like them would come into existence once the Supers were restored to legal status, and they've clearly been set up as dangerous foes. Plus Mirage returning is awesome.
Swissair171's avatar
It's pretty much a given (at least in the US) that any major progress in the field of social justice WILL be met with an extreme, often violent backlash from the right wing – we've seen it with Emancipation and Reconstruction, we've seen it with the Civil Rights Movement, we've seen it with the LGBTQ+ rights struggle, we've seen it with the election of the first ever African American President of the US and now, in my fanfic, we're seeing it in response to superheroics being made legal again after 15 years. Fact is, it is not too hard to conceive of an organisation like the Black Cross Movement not only coming into existence, but flourishing, within the context of a country that has a long history of anti-Superism, and hardline anti-Superism, at that.

Glad you like Mirage appearing in my fanfic. She's one of my favourites too, along with Helen and Violet. You're gonna be seeing a lot of her in this fanfic.

Also, this will not be the last time the Incredible and Mirage go Nazi hunting together. Watch this space, my friend. :XD:

Here's Chapter 2, by the way.

When the Hunters Become the Hunted: Chapter 2When the Hunters Become the Hunted
Chapter Two: Tragedy on Traction Avenue – Part 2
Disclaimer: I do not own The Incredibles.
N.B.: This fanfic is dedicated to the late Elizabeth Peña.
 Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl, Transforce, Lightspeed and Mirage immediately sprinted back to their vehicles. They knew that hundreds of people were in Traction House at the time of the explosion and they had to get them out, fast. Realising that there was no hope for anyone buried under the tonnes of burning rubble, the five Supers quickly turned their attention to rescuing those trapped inside the surviving areas of the building. Elastigirl, Transforce and Mirage promptly donned self-contained breathing apparatus, or SCBA, in preparation to enter the building and perform an interior search. At the same time, Elastigirl set about giving orders to her comrades.
 “Mr. Incredible,” she yelled as she adjusted the straps on her SCBA set, “put in a r
EchoWing's avatar
I think maybe you're exaggerating things...not about real life, mind you, it's true that those against progress in one direction or another will do everything they can to force things back the way they want. The films' situation, however, had a perfect storm of bad circumstances against supers, one that others sought to undo...and undoing it seemed to be met with approval. It doesn't surprise me that someone would be against that, or that said someones would be racist bastards akin to the Nazis. It just surprises me that they'd get such a thorough hold on power and be so damn blatant about it.

Anyway, will read the second chapter as soon as I'm able. Got a lot on my plate, alas.
Master-of-the-Boot's avatar
I welcome this madness. And frankly I like my superhero stories on the dark side . And I like when they tackle actual social justice issues 
Kelseyalicia's avatar
well, I'm keeping my promise of reading your story. I admit I'm not completely following everything that is happening in the first chapter. But I'll read three chapters today and a little bit at a time and maybe if you explain a little in a more simple form I'll get and if I read a bit more I'll get it. But I'm here to keep my promise of reading it. 
Swissair171's avatar
Following the legalisation of superheroics in America at the end of the second movie, Normal supremacists were unhappy with the decision and so created their own anti-Super, anti-Anthro, fascist political movement, the Black Cross Movement, and their paramilitary wing, the Bonneville Guard. By the summer of 1978, they have taken over various local and state governments throughout America and are now actively persecuting and discriminating against Supers and Anthros.

Incidentally, in my headcanon, Helen, Violet and Mirage like to indulge in Nazi hunting on a regular basis. In this chapter, they tried (and failed) to catch a Croatian Nazi collaborator/war criminal/Holocaust perpetrator who served as guard at Jasenovac.

For the record, this fanfic is set in the late '70s, four years after the events of the first two movies.
Kelseyalicia's avatar
Did you come up with Superhero names for Violet and Dash? Since I kept getting confused on that issue. 
Swissair171's avatar
Violet's superhero name is Transforce, while Dash's superhero name is Lightspeed.
Kelseyalicia's avatar
okay was that in the movie or your idea? 
Kelseyalicia's avatar
okay well, I'll read a little more when I've time but I'm keeping my promise. 
Swissair171's avatar
Much appreciated. :D

Did you like this chapter?
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This is getting dark
Swissair171's avatar
Yeah, and that's just me getting started!

What exactly do you like about the story so far?
MicbotJonez's avatar
Nothing much yet..
PhysicRodrigo's avatar
I liked it. It feels "In epoch" and also the ambientation and pace of writing is the adequate. In some parts it felt a bit slow, but the action packed parts more than made up for it. 
Swissair171's avatar
I'm glad you like it. I pride myself on going to great lengths to be historically accurate.

Incidentally, what do you make of my use of Nazi hunting as a plot device?
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