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see Shade run
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Published: May 9, 2006
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...run Shade run :P

I haven't drawn him for a while, so here's a simple boring pic of Phoenix (aka Shade) running. Don't know where he's running or why, or indeed why he's running in a white nothingness. He just is. Perhaps he's chasing Scourge from Archie who has a frighteningly similar outfit. Although I appear to have accidentally changed his boots again (read: drew them wrong)
Late night doodle, one of the those times when it's midnight and you need to be in bed but want to draw anyway, and know there's no point doing a comic page because your tired brain will only get it wrong. Threw some marker pens and stuff at it this morning because I'm still in a traditional art kind of mood.

Scanner messed up the colours again, though. He's golden brown, not ginger. :/

Don't steal the fanchar, please.
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The 4693052962895489174086555434567896534567890FC called Shade, and his name doesn't fit him at all.
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SonicAdvanceStudent Digital Artist
this furry style´s just awesome =D
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that is so cool!!!!
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UltraTheHedgetoasterHobbyist Artist
Somehow, when this appeared on my screensaver (best way to go through all these images!), first thing that came to my mind....

He looks like he's the child of Sonic and Sally Acorn oO

His furcolor reminded me of Sally, while him being a hedgehog - I assume I'm not horribly mistaken - wearing a blue jacket (Sally wears a blue jacket[?] too), plus the shoes and the running pose reminds me of Sonic.

So... yeah ^^
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XD haha, that's a new one! Oh dear lol...
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You capture the spirit of the whole Sonic universe in your work. I'm deeply moved by its quality and its attachment to Sonic fandom.
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Great movement in this! :)
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God he's handsome...
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I love your colouring style and the running pose is dynamically cool. 8-)
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.... Wow... You are a god when it comes to drawing! Wish I could draw like that.
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Wow, gorgeous action pose there!

I really like the colours, although you say the scanner messed the brown up, I think they really suit. I love the fact he looks just a little furry too. Traditional too, awesome skills. Great job! Going to have to +Fave this ^^
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I have no clue why but I am in love with your Shade Pheoix charactor I so wish I could draw a hedgie like that...I attempted at lunch and I do fine on the heads but i suck at their bodies and shoes... I've always sucked at bodies and shoes... and hands and uh occasionally heads... I suck period...
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vertMB Filmographer
Very well drawn indeed, quite fluffy too.
I like the style you draw in, just feels so right. ^^
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DangerousRadicalHobbyist General Artist
I take it he's running after the guy that swiped his other shoe, yes? XD
Maybe Scourge did that just to be a bastard?

I like the way you draw Hedgehogs - they're not Sonic-styled, yet they feel like they completely belong in the Fleetway world. Damnit I miss that comic so much. At least they knew when to quit...

Must take a shot of enveloping Shade in my style. Hmm. May take a shot at that today when we pick up our nearly-departed car from the petrol station (Haha, watch the last remnants of fandom in me struggle to stay alive!)

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Oooo, seriously... would love to see him drawn in your stlye :D
(and I dread learning to drive and the car nighmares that will come with it.... ;_;)
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DarkOverord Digital Artist
I think it looks good. Even if the scanner messed it up (Colourwise)

Also, it's a great motion pic
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Adorable :3 Your style for hedgies rocks.
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"OMG! Ice cream truck!!"

Well, ok that'd be me. Maybe he's late for something?
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Maybe someone has coffee. Coffee must be hidden when Shade's around.
Fox-the-Kitsune's avatar
AH, he's a caffiene, huh? Maybe he's already had some?
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JaneSheepProfessional General Artist
WOW love it. Love the colors and running pose! very very nice!
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Love the shades he has ^.^ Nice jacket too.
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Wow, this looks really amazing!! Great job!
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