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Sydney Scoville Jr.

Sydney Scoville Jr. is the main nerdy and ADD heroine from the webcomic It's a great read, really. Sydney has control over these nifty little orbs and each gives her a different kind of power. The blue one lets her fly, the purple one has a lighthook, the reddish one fires a really cool laser (PPO, if you're hip), the navy one generates a shield, and the yellow one gives her truesight and telepresense. The other two haven't been revealed to her yet, but I bet they're gonna be awesome. Sydney also has a tendancy to swear worse than a sailor who got his leg chopped off, so that's why I made her symbol as it is. I worked very hard on this and can only hope that the creator DaveBarrack enjoys it, seeing as how Sydney apparently is a Brony, too. 
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Wait a second.  She needs to grasp the orbs in hand to use them.  But as a pony, she doesn't have hands to grasp with?  Hooves, how do they work?
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She also can control the motion of the orbs; she can just use that power to hold the orbs against the frog.  The question is, is she still limited to two active obs, or can she use her rear hooves as well?

(sorry for the necropost, doing a Grrl Power Archive Binge.  Now, of course, I must see if anyone's done that Maxima pony that Astra accidentally took home with her.  Carry on!)
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That must have been an awkward cuteceanera.
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Somebody better keep her away from the CMC.  Or don't, that could be hilarious as well.
He found it. DaveB even put a lint to it up on the page for today.
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