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FoH:. Ligan

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This group looked like way to much fun to not make an application for! Especially after hearing so many good things!



Date of Birth:
March 24


165 lbs.




Race Skill(s):

Class Skill(s):

Chaotic Nuetral

-quiet, peaceful locations outdoors
-being alone
-hot apple cider

-hot and/or dry weather
-people who talk loudly
-being touched

Ligan is generally antisocial and would rather others just leave him alone or pretent he doesn't exist. He particularly dislikes people who beat around the bush and don't just say what they want and go away. He also tends to hate any sort of noise louder than general background noise you'd find walking through a town. He's just prickly in general and gives off the aura of 'I hate everything'.

Easily the worst part of Ligan's personality is his ridiculously short temper. He tends to verbally explode on people who tick him off, berating them for whatever behavior they had been doing that set him off. Although not super common for Ligan to do, he has been known to physically lash out at some people in a fit of anger, punching, kicking, kneeing, or otherwise striking the agitator. Bar far the easiest way to get him angry is by touching him or touching his hat.

Ligan does also have a nicer side, albiet significantly harder to get on than his bad side. If you can manage to make friends with him, Ligan will go out of his way to help you out whenever you need, with whatever you need, granted it is within his capabilities to do so. He seems to have a soft spot for quiet little old people, as well as people who are visibly shy.

Ligan grew up with a small family as the only child, him and his parents living in a small village. When he was a teenager, his family left the village, his parents having had enough with travelers coming through the town and persecuting them as 'monsters'. Thanks to the combined powers of his parents, the family became traveling hunters and meat merchants. The family tried to settle a few times, but Ligan always seemed to get into an argument, shortly followed by a fist fight, in pretty much every village they tried to settle in. After reaching age 18, Ligan left his parents, ensuring their safety settling down in a small wizzrobe village while he left them to travel.

Ligan's solo travels did not go well... to say the least. His short temper always seemed to get the best of him, and after getting into fights with legitimately armed foes, his disdain for others only grew over time until during his travels he met an old traveling sheika monk. The monk and Ligan seemed to somehow get along, the sheika usually shrugging off Ligan's temper tantrums as they traveled together, and teaching the young wizzrobe about meditation, a way to help keep his temper in check. Ligan traveled with the old monk for three years, the wizzrobe still getting into scuffles occasionally, although after the first time getting beaten with a club, the monk started to teach the boy martial arts and how to defend himself. The two finally parted ways upon reaching the kingdom of Hyrule, the old sheika coming to see his family one last time, passing away in the next year.

Ligan now lives in Hyrule himself, traveling around and taking up jobs with anyone who will actually hire a short tempered wizzrobe. He tends to linger around the edge of towns when he goes near them, but is more typically found meditating or walking along pathways in the woods. Occasionally you might see him in a fight, typically taunting his opponent beforehand and attempting to get them to "Make this a fair fight. No weapons, no magic. Just our hands.", a strategy that when it does succeed most assuredly leads to a quite unfair fight.

Other information:
His favorite colour is yellow.
His favorite food is curry rice made using Goron Spice.
His eyes are a very very pale shade of blue.

None so far. He'll need to meet some peoples!

Rp method:
Skype (send me a note for contact info)
Discord (send me a note for contact info)

lineart by: Raindroplette Check out all her beautiful art! Thanks again! ^w^
colours and other thingys by: Me!
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Thank you! ^w^
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Welcome to FoH!
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Thank you! You all are so welcoming!
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Yes, welcome! :iconbisonyesplz:
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thank you for the warm welcome!
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Welcome to fall of hyrule!
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Welcome to FoH!! :D
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Hi there and welcome to Foh! :D Hope you enjoy yourself with us as we adventure through Hyrule!
I hope we get a chance to rp soon. >u<
Just let me know whenever, I'm usually always free. ouob
We do currently have a discord chat if you're looking to be added in?
My discord is x-Smiley-x#2133
Feel free to add me.
Again welcome, and can't wait to see more of you and Ligan around! :D
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Thank you for such a warm welcome! ^w^ I'd love to be added to the Discord chat whenever it's convenient for you!
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Such a great piece.
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thank you! ^w^
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