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September 3, 2005
*swinck has an enormous gallery, but when I got there, Take care, IT will catch you really stood out. Stunning colours and a unique form ensure that your eyes will not be leaving this beauty too quickly.
Featured by alyn
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Take care, IT will catch you

I would like to hear what you think about this image.
Made in Apophysis that you can download here: [link]
I usually made a lot of flames, mutating them a little few. Then I blend, rotate, a lot of postwork on Photoshop.
Thank you for stopping by!

**full view recommended**

:heart: :heart: :heart:And thanks a bunch for all of you that gave me support, favs, comments and encouragement, my dearest friends, watchers and visitors!:heart: :heart: :heart:

=====> Hey people!!!!: Comments and favings are still aprecciated! he he he......

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© 2005 - 2021 swinck
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Casperium's avatar
Your artwork is being ripped off here: [link]
lord-of-tyranny's avatar
wow that's pretty sweet
laurengary's avatar
Gorgeous work as always Serge ! Fantastic ! :thumbsup:
Yugan's avatar
this work is quite fantastic. I think youve blended in that green succesfully because green can often clash with the red-to-orange range. and i ilike them oh so much also :)
osagelady's avatar
VERY VERY nice!!! - Congratulations :clap:
nixenator's avatar
Wow i dont even know how to explain it. uhm...venus fly trap mixed with some insects, tunnels..its really a profound bit of work!!! i like it!!!
fhqwhgus's avatar
Gorgeous! I really like this image! I have need to +fav it. I :heart: the bright color fade and the contrast between the bright reds and the deep greens in the image. It's like some alien device. :lol:
CarbonatedMilk's avatar
WOW. best fractal i have ever seen
butterfield123's avatar
Overule's avatar
Brain melty colors man, to me it somehow reminds me of the interior of a plant.
Artdazzler's avatar
great movement and depth!
zatrix's avatar
wow reminds me of an insect, for some odd reason, but still pretty wild
keep-it's avatar
i cant use Apophysis . Except for newton. hehehehehe
stylology's avatar
I would call it "Tripping Mantis" cause it looks more like its hallucinating than praying.
tigressinger's avatar
Reminds me of a preying mantis. cooooool.
Sir-Real's avatar
It looks like an alien, robotic snake with a frog in its coils.
Edward-the-Oblivious's avatar
Simply amazing. ^^ I love this. This is the kind of work that you can look at and see so much that you don't think it will ever end. I'm reminded of so many things when I look at this; it's simply a stunning work of art. Once you set your eyes on it, you just can't look away! That's what I'm feeling right now. :D

Congrats on the DD! You've definitely earned it! :highfive:

TomWilcox's avatar
Hey Serge my friend!

Way to go! Knew a Daily Deviation was near. Doing some great work! Congratulations!

This is beautiful!

Fangfingers's avatar

Excellent one !!!...possibly your most dramtic image yet !! ... awesome !!:) ........congrats again hero;)

mooseandbean's avatar
man...i seriously can not get the hang of apophysis :p i need to look at more tutorials...i just dont see how everyone does these cool things in that program...mine are always way simple. i've made only a couple i like and they are i said...simple. i much prefer ultra fractal because of laters and stuff....but i wish i knew apophysis a bit better :(

nice one by the way. one of the better DDs....though i've never disagreed with alyn's picks :p
Longrider's avatar
awesome,a fantastic aphophysis creation,excellent +++++.
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