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Dark Fairy

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Dark Fairy
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Neyla-kUnStudent Traditional Artist
stolen lol
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I love the shape of her wings and the blues and purples.  I can almost see her wings moving slightly as if in a nighttime breeze. 
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I like it but I would like to see a lot more
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Ahh haa here it is www.freondream.com/gallery/cus…  

Artist Meilin Wong for me "Phantasia" 16 years ago at an art website of it's day before I believe there was a deviantART called "Elfwood" www.elfwood.com/ 

It was part of the "Save Elfwood series". One thing I am happy to see it there then here. Looks much as it should there. I am just as grateful today that Meilin commission this artwork and presented it to me.

It was done in Photoshop.

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Actually this is a commission piece done for me many years ago called "Reverence". So long ago that I have the actual print of resolution and size with it's information. So long ago it's on a floppy disk. I'm trying to remember the actual artist's name. From their website they asked their admirers and viewers what scene they would like to see in a piece of their art and they would freely commission it to the one they chose for a very small sum. I was that lucky person. So yes TaintedAndWinged208 this is stolen. I will google it and find the actual piece and artist. I know it, because of the edits made in it. The left foot was left out in the first version and it was reworked to add the foot in to make the stance of fairy more proportioned. I am glad I ran across it after all this time. For one I have no floppy drive and for second it brings back memories of many years ago. Now I can resave it to my PC.
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HumanInYourEyesHobbyist Artist
Love the color scheme so much
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TaintedAndWinged208Hobbyist General Artist
I believe this is stolen...>>
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Love the colour scheme. Also the way you've done the wings is great!
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colours are luverly ..and i lurve her wings *thumbs up *
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I like the pic but i think that if you put the girl in a different stance then it might look better but thats my opinon!
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it's really beautiful!!!^_^
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That is so awsome!! I love the overhead lighting!! That would be a cool tattoo!!
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Those wings are just fabulous!
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ooooooooh. I love the colors, they set the perfect mood. very beautiful, I would love this on my wall.
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