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Guys, I appreciate your efforts, but giving me llama badges will NOT soothe the pain that is being Edward Cullen for a day.

Thanks very much,


ETA: Wait, my llama could have a CAPE? I guess that MIGHT make things a little better. u_u I will accept your animal offerings. Thank you for your kindness.
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Awfully cruel prank - avoided the internet on April 1st.
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I found most of the internet pranks this year kind of lame. This one did get to me, though )X
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I think the fake Zelda trailer was the turning point... although I do agree - this year was lame.
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I was okay with Team Edward until I found out I COULD have been LADY GAGA! Alas ;-)
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Right? RIGHT?! Insult to injury, I tell you.
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*points* Yea... I don't like her much... but I was pretty happy I wasn't Eddy...
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At least your hatred can be appreciated.
I'm Lady GaGa and no one appreciates how much I hate pop. I need to set a guitar on fire, beat someone with it and spend the night in jail to regain my dignity.
But, I feel your pain. I was all the same immensely glad I was not associated with Stephanie Meyer.
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Awww, I'm sorry dear, have a llama. Your gaga's mouth is really creeping me out.
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Ack! Not another llama! I can't take care of these things! They spit with laser precision!
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Oh god, not THAT one. You poor, poor thing... :XD:

Train the llamas to attack anything sparkly, that should fix it.
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Lol I'm sorry. XD Here, have one anyway. :heart:
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