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Sometimes people do silly things. I, for instance, forgot what a nice program Painter is, even when my dad paid a good sum of cash for me to have it. I, for instance, have been relying on photoshop for a while to get things done, without giving much thought to Painter at all.

Well. Damn. I forgot what sort of results it could turn out.

As the last page of Antagonist gathered much more enthusiasm than I thought it would, I was much inspired to do some art. This turned out cooler than I thought it would too. And yes, this time the lack of eyepatch or collar is completely intended.

Lines in PS 7, color in Painter IX.5? I think? Text originally drawn with a felt tip pen, scanned in for another picture, pasted in to this one, and messed with in PS 7.

Oh, and If you aren't reading already- Antagonist!
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so...wait...is he blind in that eye? He looks so cool without the eye-patch. He also has what looks like bite marks on his neck...is he a vampire??? Hehehe...I'm just being silly. Anyway, v. cool. I've looked at this before but didn't comment on it. I love the effect of the smudgedness at the bottom of the neck. His hair is also fab. though it does look snapeish. Love!