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How do you like them apples?


If you ever wondered why Jack was able to keep his compass after revealing it's secret to Barbossa... This is why.

Barbossa and blob pirates are not mine. Which is why this is fanart.

Maaaybe scrapping soon. I can never get myself to put enough into these things.
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silverwolfygirl2's avatar do i see the comic exactly?
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i love barbosa and his apple fetish :love:

very adorable :licking:
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I feel your pain Barbossa ... Its all about them apples ;)
Me-In-Honey's avatar
I loooove it, pirates of the caribbean owns my soul. I thought the third movie was sad though, poor Norrington! Everyone who kisses Liz dies!! anyways, i love it!
swimmingtrunks's avatar
I'm sorry! I didn't think about it ><
01darke's avatar
ha, that's cute XD
Dendraica's avatar
*laughing hysterically* That poor man. All he wants is apples. XD; Serves him right though. Love Pintel and Ragetti in the background of the first panel. You do cute little blob pirates. :D
diana-catt's avatar
LOL. XD Oh, Barbossa, you and your apples. You're so silly.
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LOLOLOL. OMFG... LOL. *hug* I love you.
ryoufromschool's avatar
YAY! this makes me so unbelievably happy, thank you!!!
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:+fav:...but i am a bit confused X_x
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Yeah, well, this wasn't the greatest delivery in the world of comedy. = / Care to elaborate, that I might relieve said confusion?
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oh...that barbossa didn't keep jack's compass once he found out what it did. if they had it and were looking for bootstrap...were they looking for death or something? idk...O_O
swimmingtrunks's avatar
Well, I suppose Jack probably didn't tell him what the compass did, but there's a good possibility that in disclosing the location of the Isle de Muerte, he would've had to mention something about the compass. Barbossa, if he did know about it, probably didn't keep it because he thought he had everything he wanted when he stole the Aztec gold. I'm just supposing what if they DID have it once they found out they had the curse-- I'm guessing the thing they'd want most is to find bootstrap or will, so they could get the gold back and repay the debt. Long story short? Just a situation made up to exploit Barbossa's love for apples. ^^;
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oh. i see. lol. apples. XD
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Hee hee!!! I love this comic. I actually was wondering the other day what the compass would point to if Barbossa had it. ^_^
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Pintel and Ragetti! <33.
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