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For a while he tried modeling

but he wasn't very versatile.

Um, just a quick image I cooked up when I realized that I hadn't done any cool pictures of K lately. He's been neglected. I was hoping it could double as a chapter title page, but... it's a little too... stagnant. So anyway. If you haven't yet, check Antagonist out. And enjoy the picture. I had fun with gradients.
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He just needed to swing his hips more...
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I couldn't help but laugh when I saw this. How will I ever be able to take K seriously ever again?
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Eeep! K hawtness! *fans self*
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i could never quite figure out those gradients myself. But that's also because i'm horrible. :D :heart:

yay k.
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haha, he's more the anti-model for Evil magazine. Nice illustration!