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Bow Ties Are Cool

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They are. And so is this past season of Doctor Who! An expression of my love was long overdue and I was looking for a little outlet between freelance things, so this happened.

EDIT: OMG, DD! Thanks so much! I'm glad you guys like it!! I'm all in a tizzy here, lol. Anyway, thanks again- enjoy!- and so excited for April 23, amirite?
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Notice: I don't give 5's to anyone but God himself <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":p" title=":p (Lick)"/>

I really love the artwork as a whole, for me it's minimal and complicated at the same time.
I love the detail in the characters as much as the fact that they resemble the actors properly, even though they're not exactly the same. You've got the spirit of them.
I love the simple yet absolutely fitting background, it's perfect for the Vortex effect, but it still gives the impression of your own style, just to meet the character's faces.
Their expressions are perfectly right, especially Amy and Rory's are like they're taken from a screenshot.
The TARDIS in the back is enough to give the message that it's there, but without being heavy and "stealing" from the rest of the artwork.

All in all, I love this!!!
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The Doctor's pose makes him look like he's saying:
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I wonder why 11 was the first Doctor to wear a bowtie since the 2nd Doctor.
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Thank you, our Whovian art skills are the bomb
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wow i love this so much... fantastic!
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they arnt cool they are....................AWESOME
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Oh... WOW.

I love it! Absolutely and completely! You capture their characters completely! Brilliant!

'Bow Ties Are Cool' is DEFINITELY cool.
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Incredible! Just finished the Matt smith series last week! :D
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amazing colors on this. Great work!!
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Amy's expression is absolutely perfect! Love it.
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Wow, this is amazing! :love: I think you did a really great job capturing the character's personalities :D

I really love this Doctor c:
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lol <3 amys expression
Amy-Eww get this off me!
Rory- Ahh, okaaaaaay
Doctor- Who da man?
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love how you do Amy and Rory's expression in here
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yes!!!! I LOVE YOU DOCTOR!!!! :D
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This is just amazing. Amy's face tho <3 Seriously, excellent work!
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This is a really cool piece! I like it VERY much.

PS: Bow ties are cool.
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The Doctor looks so devious! Like he's getting away with something.
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SO COOL!!! Oh, this is wonderful.
im going aganst my persnal phrase of 'no ties are cool' but my god. this is brilliant. its got a tiny amount of sinsterness (if thats a word) wich really brings out the background and well im a terible art critic im just saying its very good.
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