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Antagonist stripped.

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This is just a little wasting-time-not-studying-for-finals drawing. I didn't really mean to not include K's eyepatch, or to imply that he is not wearing anything on the top half, or to assume you think about Antagonist more than you probably do. However, I liked it pompus and irrelevant, so. Here it is. Don't think too deeply into it, just take it at face value. ; )

Lines with some magnificent felt-tipped pen I bought for college, color in photoshop.
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I love the sketchy style of your linework on this. And the scribbly handwriting...
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Heh heh heh. I love K and his sarcasm. XD
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Do more Antagonist!
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Funny you say that! As of very, very early this morning, Antagonist updated with the title page (page 1) of chapter 1! It's kind of measly, but I'm working on the next page now.