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Like I said two pages ago, I am soooo way late on this it is not even funny. Well, considering when I submitted the last pages of my last two rounds (I'm including the epilogue of Round 2 in this count, because there was very little closure or clarity otherwise), this is as on time as I've been since Round 1. I have an array of excuses that I will disclose, but only upon request.

I wish I could have made the round longer, but obviously I struggled with the current length. As always, I don't feel like I've quite done justice with my opponent's characters- but I tried to use them as best I could within the confines of time and plot. Also, sorry Gwen for making you even more of a damsel in distress than you make yourself!

This isn't the ending I originally had planned for this round- it actually takes a step in a much different direction than what I had planned for Round 5, if I get there. So NOW if I go on, I'm going to have to regroup a bit. But in a good way, I think.

I always wait to say things until the end, and then I don't remember what I was going to say! But this is enough rambling, I think. I'll try to clean these up soon, but first- rest.

Iris, Obsidian, Erroneous, and Gwenevere are property of :iconqueengwenevere:

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The scene thing? AWESOME IDEA. Highly original, and oh-so-ironic.
Oh, and genre savvy snark. I'm so worshipping K's snark. I luffe the snark.
It's so very hard to choose... you and you opponent's entries were very fun to read. Anyway, good luck to both of you, and may you have fun.
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No dramatic save, but I do believe that I like this ending better! I love the direction this is going in. It's been a pleasure to read this round. The interactions (and snark) and overall coolness were a treat! x)
QueenGwenevere's avatar
You tell 'em. :shakefist:

Dang. As usual your dialogue and character interactions rock on all levels (and probably outstrip my attempts by a mile...) And the sketchy pages are plenty clear enough to tell what's happening, I wouldn't worry too much about those (though if you do get a chance to go back and ink them, that'd be awesome.)

And as usual I am totally in love with K and his perpetual snarkfest. :XD:

GAH, I'm torn. Half of me wants you to win this even though we're opponents, because then I could read the sequels... argh!
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I'm more worried about the fact that I uploaded this page about 24 hours past the deadline- and I do think this page is the much-needed kick to this round. )X I will hopefully go back and ink once I've recouped some.

As for the tearing, consider it mutual! The only thing keeping me from fully backing you is my masochistic attachment to this tournament. I would probably be content to see you win, but then some part of me DOES want to go on, and keeps telling me that it would be a shame to lose now because it's just getting GOOD! Damn my conflict of interests!
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oh wow! i just read ALL your entries due to your match up queenie and i'm torn, your both so very good but i do love your fighting style! this round is gonna be a toughie. oh and i'm stalking you now by the way :D
swimmingtrunks's avatar
Thanks! Yeah, I do not envy the judges, calling this one...
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Amazing conclusion :D
undead-faery's avatar
hah. K's getting awfully snarky!
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He pretty much inhales oxygen and exhales snark. ;)
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