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Hi judges! This is coming in so late I don't know if it will even be judged. I hope so, but, I can understand if it isn't.

Anyone have a guess at what's coming? Those SFX, just to help you out, are not quiet farts.

Iris, Obsidian, Erroneous, and Gwenevere are property of :iconqueengwenevere:

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Hm. You won by knocking out the other artist?
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KO'D!!!!! Yup!

She was recovering, but still not so far from unconsciousness already- it wouldn't take much more than a little nudge to get her there, lucky for my wimpy team!
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Silent, but deadly...
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We can hope! *knocks on wood*
Chelsea-Wren's avatar
I know! It's one of the kittens from the Aristocats.
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I don't know where THAT came from, but I lol'd. =)
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Ha, the sound effects comment made me giggle. How immature of me.
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Well, I think you're both more mature than me-- after all, I'm the one who made the joke. XD; She who smelt it... is 22 years old, but apparently sometimes actually 12.
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Hey, being 12 is sometimes far more fun.
I'm 18, and my friend and I had a sleepover this summer where we made forts out of blankets and chairs.

We rock.
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Blanket forts?! I would agree! You DO rock!
Autumn-Fyre's avatar
-bows deeply-
Why thank you!
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