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AatR Round 4 Page 11


I'm a bit worried about Erro's characterization on this page- and also sad that I did not have time to draw out his flirting/seducing. I sincerely wish I did because he actually ended up resembling a old flame a little bit in the first panel.

Oh well, there is PLENTY of Erro being Erro and ergo being AWESOME over at Gwen's entry.

Iris, Obsidian, Erroneous, and Gwenevere are property of :iconqueengwenevere:

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Chain reaction of doom! Oh dear... :noes:

(Tch, Erro's ruined his lovely gloves. Which is totally in character, by the way - things like this invariably happen to his fashion experiments... He either loses his dresses or wrecks them. :XD:)
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Haha, well I'm glad that's in character- I'm still sort of cringing at the last line I put in his mouth on this page ^^;
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sandwich in last panel
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haha, yeah, just a bit ;)
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Looking great so far! <3 I haven't commented before, but I really like K. xD
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Thanks! He is sort of endearing in a arrogant-jerk sort of way, isn't he?
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Boy howdy, is he. xD

I guess it doesn't help that I've always had a soft spot for villains who weren't the super-baddy, somehow. I don't know why.
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I love your entries so much. ;w;
I'm really glad your not forfeiting : D

K is really cool, the design is awesome and his personality is great. :noes:.
He's my favorite, I like his move set too. : P
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Thanks! I'm trying really hard to stick with this. Especially since my last two rounds were default wins- I would hate to go out with only one true match under my belt.
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