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AatR Round 2 Epilogue Page 5


I was going to wait and upload this with the next (and hopefully final) page of the epilogue, but I'm going away for the weekend so I figured I'd just throw this up before I left.

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CaptainKurfuffle's avatar
He looks so painfully gay in the third panel >_>
swimmingtrunks's avatar
lol, I had a moment earlier in this competition where I drew him and I was like "... MAN he looks gay." XD; this was not it. I guess it kind of looks like he's doing a limp-wristed thing? it wasn't intentional
CaptainKurfuffle's avatar
un-intentional or not it makes me laugh XD
It's the small bits like that in comics and drawings in general that makes reading/looking at things worthwhile ^^
LiquidRice's avatar
Love the expressions and the wet hair! It actually looks wet! Fab job!