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A Much Belated Christmas Carol

"Three Ghosts, you say...?"
"Yes- No- Well, four, if you count Marley. Marley, and then three spirits- Christmas Past, Present, and Future!"

Better late than never. There are a LOT of things I am not at all happy with, but it was a good learning experience at the very least.

And now I am done.

Daniel is :iconrentabby:'s,
Scrooge is whoever has the rights to a Christmas Carol at this point,
and Adaman is mine.
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Like I said, absolutely beautiful. I can't wait to get this project up and running full force.
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Oooh, awesome! I love the atmosphere of it. So ominous.
I've never heard of A Christmas Charol fancharacters before, though. xD
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Well, actually they're characters for a project completely unrelated to the work, except that they have a similar-ish setting. This was supposed to be a fun christmas picture inserting them into the world of A Christmas Carol, but I started on it like two days before Christmas and the holiday season ended up completely passing me by. >_>;
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Eh, whatevs. But OCs + classic litarary works= slightly blasphemous yet cool, amirite? xD