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So for roughly a year, nearly a year ago, I had no photoshop. I started doing CGs with photoshop ONLY, so making the switch to painter and not knowing how to make it work really delayed my pace. (Sure there were other reasons, but let's stick to programs for this entry.)

And now I'm finally used to painter; I love it to death. It's so free and fun! And I rarely need to fix anything in photoshop, and if so, it can typically wait until after the whole piece is done.

Two nights ago, I was working on a piece for Padsies of her character, Vienna. It was going great. Skin, hair, eyes, all facial details and etc. were fully rendered. I had started erasing or blending in lines, since this was also an experiment for me in doing lineless CGs with more painted effects. Everything else was still lined and color blocked. I had brought it out to photoshop once before, and because of that, my file was a .psd. Then I saved by hitting CTRL+S.

Then I noticed the brush stopped working in painter. So I hit save and moved into photoshop. Big problem. Photoshop tells me that I have an unsupported blending mode. Convert to normal? But after hitting "yes", it just tells me the file isn't compatible with that version of photoshop. Doesn't make sense since it did before.

And so I try opening up again in painter. Another huge roadblock. Painter now tells me that it isn't a photoshop file, and gives me all sorts of crap. I can't use its autoscripts feature to get it back, because it gives me the same error.

What just happened? After looking into it, it turns out that painter can corrupt .psd files without warning. And I'm certainly not the only person who ran into this issue.

So, this is to voice my frustration over spending five hours on a CG (when I am already very low on uninterrupted stretches of time) and to lose it all over a glitch, as much as it is a warning for people who switch between painter and photoshop, and save as a .psd in painter. Watch out for when your brushes don't respond!

From now on, I'm making .riff back-ups before I try saving in .psd, and I'm using iterative saves from File -> Save As, versus just pressing CTRL+S.

Well, lesson learned.
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I'm terrible with updating, and I can't blame school. I can manage my time. I can finish my work, get enough sleep, and still have time for some fun on the side. Recently, my bad habit is that the "fun on the side" seems to be more and more passive. This includes my addiction to hulu and sidereel, as well as social networking (facebook) and the games that come with. Art class is the only thing left pushing me to draw, but it hurts, I promise that it hurts, to look back and see how small my volume of work is for the year thus far. I do draw. On scraps. On notes. In classes, when I shouldn't be. But at this point in the year, art (no matter how much I wish it weren't) can be draining. Writing has certainly become a mental and emotional drain, so I don't want to be left without art either. I hate this stand still, this lack of progress, or improvement.

My goal over the summer is to dedicate myself to my job, my family, my health (exercise), my friends, and with all the time that I will surely have left over, to staying current on my studies, and (did I psyche you out?) ART.

Finals are coming up soon, and this doesn't seem like the best time for it, but I endeavor to organize and clean out my deviantart and start adding some new work. The last few pieces are just a few of the things I've been working on. I also hope to go back and add my AP pieces, that I feel are deserving of recognition. Expect to see more from me. I will get my act together.
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I stole this from :iconkudohmiyuki:, who stole it from :icontheillastrator: who stole it from someone else. D:

1. Do you create different worlds/series for your characters or do you put them all/most of them in the same time and place?

Most of my characters exist in this world but in different places or times. However, sometimes I use the same character model for alternate universes. Hooker!verse is one example of this with Hershel (Hui Min) in the future city-state of “Eden”, who is also in a Persian harem of scantily clad pretty boys. And I’ve had André in some fairy tale universes based on France. André’s plot line actually takes place in Versailles, 1722. Sometimes I think of Hershel growing up in the 80’s, but no matter what he’s bound to suburban America. The only characters that really exist in another reality are Wolfe and Winifred with a very Fullmetal Alchemist-type situation. Overall, these settings draw heavily from real life; even the alternate universes are meant to be incredibly realistic.

…I sometimes mention one or two characters as indicative of an entire story.

2. Do you sit down and create random facts about these worlds that have nothing to do with the story line? (History, biology, zoology etc.)

Nope. I used to do this with fanfiction and it was just obnoxious. If I have to make up details about a world, (specifically Eden or Wolfe and Winifred’s setting) then it’s generally history, and it will always play a big part in the exposition or conflict.

3. Do you have a plot line? If yes, do tell.


My modern characters include Hershel, Silvia, Doug, Alan, and random rocker-dude. Hershel is an anemic, sixteen-year-old writer who used to have hopes of becoming an astronaut. He tutors Doug to pass his community service requirements to pass his junior year and the two really hit it off. Doug comes from a well-to-do family, has a kid sister, a work-at-home mom, and a never-around father. He’s the star on the basketball team and hopes to do something social with his career since he’s typically great with people. (Although Hershel sure gives him a run for his money.)  His parents hope for something political, so the military academy is not out of the question. Silvia is Hershel’s older sister. She’s popular, sweet, undeveloped and stereotypical right now. She hangs out with random rocker-dude whose real name may well be Carl –he wears homemade t-shirts with various slogans on them. Alan is the creepy neighbor who’s an absolute weasel. The story here is fairly soap opera-ish, but it’s about how Hershel and Doug come to terms with being gay and deciding where they want to go in life. It’s all fairly short right now, and is more about each moment–not any long-term plot.

André’s world has more of an actual plot to it. He is raised in a bourgeois family, finds a job as an assistant in Gustave de Château-Thierry’s store. It’s either a bookstore, perfume shop, or music store at this moment. Either way, André gets suckered into cross-dressing and seducing Gustave by an aristocrat (Henri) to pay his brother’s college tuition (Philippe) and maintain a friendship with Henri for the sake of his family’s social status. Gustave is a very severe man who is just beginning to get over his wife’s death and fall in love with André’s female persona when Henri grows bored of his game and reveals André’s identity to Gustave. André’s father dies, Philippe returns home, and their mother reveals that André was actually an orphan that they took in, after they too learn that André has been fired by Gustave and that he has disgraced them by failing to remain on good terms with Henri’s family. He is orphaned once more and turns to the church at first. There’s a whole other story arc here between the Abbé of the church and André, when the Abbé tries to comfort André, learns of André’s past, lusts after him, and finally rejects André sanctuary in order to save his “immortal soul” (irony, irony). André eventually winds up hitchhiking to Paris and selling himself on the streets. One day, his client is none other than Gustave, who tries the best to hide his guilt by offering André a job once more. It then ends on a bittersweet note with André’s life ruined by everything he loved and strove to protect. He ends up more mature, having been in several short and long-term relationships, but never able to continue the same innocent romance he experienced with Gustave. Neither is the better for it.

Wolfe and Winifred right now is just about a war-torn land and the rural country-side that supports an army through the year. It deals with farm life, differing politics, and Winifred’s older sister’s messes (Maribelle and Marianne nicknamed “Collette”). Wolfe is the ruthless captain in the army who finds himself learning more than he expected from what he thought were “uncivilized” folk…specifically Winifred.

4. Do you give a name to your series?

No. I’m horrible with series names. “High School”,  “France”, and “Country Bumpkins” is working for now.

5. Is your series dramatic, romantic, mysterious, exciting or similar to your own life?

Multiple series = multiple genres.

6. Have you got characters that live in "our" world?


7. When you go to sleep, do you often let your thoughts slip into your worlds? How often does this happen?

It happens, but not for long. I always get carried away by, well, sleep.

8. Do you share your world or your characters with anyone else?

Yes. Hooker!verse is a shared project. Hershel is also involved in with some of Toki’s characters (VD and Mikhail). Plus, we just come up with the most ridiculous characters at any moment: Marc and Fredrix.  

9. Do you have friends that would rather not hear about this world of yours?

I hope not. But if you do, I’d understand.

10. Is your world a place you go to when you're bored?

I guess. I like to think about the characters and the directions they could go in. I don’t actually, “go.”

11. Do you find yourself in this world more often than in the real world?


12. Have your relatives been worried about you because of your love for you world?

My parents don’t know anything about my recreational hobbies.

13. Do you bother to write down the stories you make before the idea runs away?

Stories I remember well. Sometimes they even come in dream-form, although these stories typically get scrapped. It’s ages, dates, brand names, names of locations, and other specifics I wish I jotted down.

14. Have you found or remembered stories you created years back and then laughed or cried because it was so childish?

TOO MANY TIMES. Oh, god. I was recently reminded of these characters I made-up in middle school –Lowell Dixon, Chet Harrison, and Lamont Aubrey…at a boy’s boarding school. I had some horrible story lines going. And a character named “Gregory” from the first real comic I did in 9th grade. All my stories used to involve orphans, illicit romances, and murder, or other things equally cliché. And I hardly ever illustrated the same characters. I could be drawing some random character and writing about someone completely different. It was actually quite a while before the characters I drew were also the ones I wrote.

There was one with a “Viscomte de Vex” in a nightmarish representation of the afterlife. Plus, there was fanfiction back in the day. And Hwii used to be really dumb. Luckily, I feel like my improvements in art mirror my improvements in crafting characters and stories.

15. Ever found yourself losing the grip of a film because you started thinking about your world in stead?

No, but movies can be pretty inspiring. I always find myself falling into the film rather than back in my own head. Not unless it’s a really bad movie. Then, I’d sooner be carried away by real life than my own make-believe stories.

16. Have you ever paired up some of your own characters that are not canon just to make it "hot"?

Never. Or rather, not for long. I pair up characters that I subconsciously feel will work, but then always figure out what made me pair them. Doug, for instance, is a popular jock who leads a complicated social life with very two-faced characters. He likes Hershel for being himself, no matter how dorky or shy. Hershel, on the other hand, looks up to Doug for his social prowess and how he cares for others. It’s pretty dumb, I know, but they have a lot of similar likes and concerns.

Wolfe and Winifred are pretty much the same, although Wolfe has a military mindset while Winifred is very sheltered, and their understanding of one another is based on differing conceptions of the world.

Gustave and André…well, how they get along and why they are “together” is more about chance and their individual personalities. They aren’t a “romantic” couple by any means.

In all cases, what is “hot” is not my priority.

17. Do you have more homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual characters?

I tend to have a lot of bisexual characters just because a great majority is young and still figuring things out. I find that my female characters are typically straight. I also have characters that are strictly homosexual.

18. Do you have more female or male characters?

Male. I do actually have many female characters, but few in major roles. Despite being female, I find it hard creating a female voice that I don’t loathe.

19. Do you have more human (normal people, mutants, centaurs, mermaids etc), animal (normal animals, anthros etc), vegetable (trees, tree people), and mineral (rocks?), extra terrestrial or other characters?

Human. I think all my characters are human, unless I created them as a joke in middle school.

20. Name the characters that are most similar to your personality.

Hershel and Silvia are probably closest, but neither is a perfect match and they aren’t meant to be. My characters are certainly meant to be based off what I know from life, but they are hardly meant to mimic myself. Although Silvia and Hershel were meant for that initially, which is why they are the closest now.

21. Name the characters that are the least similar to your personality.

Wolfe, I guess. And Alan. And even Henri, Gustave, André…most everyone else.

22. Name the characters that look the most like you.


23. Name the characters that look the least like you.

Everyone else?

24. Name a few characters that you have "deleted" from existence.

Lowell, Chet, Lamont, Gregory, Hector, Arthur, etc. Various short story characters.

25. Name your first character.

Damn it, it was probably Lowell. Although Hershel is probably the next oldest that was ever properly developed and kept.

26. Do you still write about/draw/think about him or her or it?

I made ‘Lowell’ Doug’s last name because I still like the name. Nothing else.

27. Have you ever created your own species? Tell me about it.


28. Do you have a world you created "just for the heck of it"? Tell me about it.


29. Do you have characters nobody knows about? Is this because you don't want people to know or is it just like that?

Um, probably old ones, or ones from short stories. I have two that I want to write about right now–Thomas Cuthbert and Devin Brody. So there, not a secret anymore.

30. Ever wanted to create something, but realized it would be too much alike to something that already exists? Did you still keep the world?
I feel like a lot of stuff I concoct all has similarities to something pre-existing. Most everything is like that. I figure it’s not the originality of the idea but the unique ways that you distinguish yourself. My French character can seem very contrived, but they’re still my own. So long as I know I’m not ripping anyone off, I’ll go my happy way creating characters and stories.

31. A Mary Sue (MS) is a fictional character who is "perfect" in every way. She's gorgeous, she's friends with everyone, everyone has a crush on her, and her only enemies are the girls who are jealous of her looks. Mainly exists in fanfiction. Tell me, if you have one of these, and when you realized she was a Mary Sue.

I don’t make Sues. I make archetypes when need be, and sometimes I feel that André, Winifred, and Hershel are all borderline Sues, but they each have faults and quirks that set them apart.

32. Have you ever created an Anti-Sue? Tell me about it.

Not for the specific purpose of creating an Anti-Sue, no.

33. Have anyone critiqued your world so far? How did you react?

Not really. Close friends have heard of some story lines already, and I haven’t gotten too many bad reviews. At least not of things I already knew about. Doug and Hershel are sappy, for instance, and they may always be sappy. Hershel used to be too angsty without good reason, so my angst bunny is now André with good reason.

34. Have anyone told you how good your world is and encouraged you to keep it up?

Close friends? Others may have just commented that a specific character is hot.

35. Have you got high hopes about your world? Cartoon, comics, movies, radio shows?

I hope to continue them for myself. The one that I honestly feel ought to be a big-budget Hollywood movie would be Hooker!verse. For that, all of the above. Hooker!verse will be HUGE one day. Mark my words.

36. Do you wish you lived in your world?

No thanks.

37. Do you exist in your world as a main character, a main character's friend/parent/child, or the lunch lady?

Sure, if Silvia counts. She used to be a direct self-insert. She’s isn’t anymore.

38. What part of your world are you currently working on? Tell me about it! What's going on in your world right now?

André’s world has a lot of specific historical stuff I need to research, and my modern characters need more character development, I feel. I don’t really approach it as “work.” I just peer about and see what I’m in the mood to figure out.

39. Tell me about a gap in your storyline you need to fix so badly.

I probably have too many to name. D:

40. Is your story focused on something? Religion, music, clothes and make-up, Mother Nature, personal views or...?

Human interactions and personal insight. Coming of age and purpose in life. War, politics, religion, and love at various points. Life?

41. Name some of your characters that have the direct opposite point of view as you on a topic.

Wolfe is pretty hardcore militant. Alan is just a sniveling creature. And the Abbé is an extremely God-fearing man. I’d like to think I’m none of those things.

42. How much details do you put into your characters' personalities and looks?

My character’s all look pretty basic, but they’re unique enough that you can tell them apart. The manga style doesn’t allow for too much personalization, which is why I’ve been broaching realism more and more. Personality-wise, I hope to be detailed, but they’re all inchoate masses for the time being.

43. More storytelling than characters or more characters than storytelling?

A good mix of both, I hope.

44. Is there a moral behind anything in your world?

Life is short. Don’t be a douche. (I pulled that out of my ass just now.)

45. Is it easier to create a new place than to place your characters in a place you've never been to before, let's say a place in England, America, and Italy etc?

Eh…for Wolfe and Winifred it made sense to create a new world and new geography to fit my purposes. For my modern characters, I’m going off real life, and for France, well, it’s France. It’s hard for me to set it there in the past, but it must be done for the sake of the story. It’s rarely about ease for me…just what works.

46. Do you sometimes pretend your characters are real just for a brief second of loneliness?

No, never. God help me if I do.

47. Ever taken cover behind your characters and let them do the talking?


48. Ever had a discussion with your characters?


49. Ever killed a character you really really liked?

No, but I’ve thought about it.

50. If you could be in your world for 24 hours, what would you do?

I’d sneak around and spy on my characters. Romp around Versailles and Paris. Spend a day on the farm. And at the end of it hope that I haven’t been caught since my characters would probably stone me if they got a hold of me.
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Stolen from :icontheillastrator:

Name: Swii
Date: 11/23/2008
Colorgenics Number: 23461750

You work hard, seeking success. You are self-sufficient and in spite of all the trials and tribulations that have beset you in the past you carry on regardless.. You are one to be admired because you pursue your objectives single-mindedly and with initiative. You know that you can 'do it' and what is more, you will - without necessarily being dependent upon the goodwill of others.

For some time now you have been feeling rather insecure. You are looking for - and needing - an environment that can offer you roots, stability and a position that will relieve you of excess tension and stress.

Being emotionally inhibited you have no alternative at this time but to be a 'watcher' rather than a 'doer'. At this time you feel as if you are being forced to compromise and stand back. But this is not the true you. Deep down there is that warm 'open' you which is awaiting the moment to burst forth - maybe like the chrysalis which will soon become the butterfly.

You are on tenterhooks and appear to be extremely nervous and upset. You are bored and you feel that life has far more to offer than this present day mundane existence. The way that you feel indicates that you have the need for a responsive and understanding relationship. You are prepared to follow up any opportunity which may present itself. However you are very choosy and you refuse to be swept off your feet unless integrity can proved to be 100% genuine. Therefore you are holding back, keeping your emotions in check because before you let down your guard you have to be sure. You are too trusting and you have no desire to be hurt again. You are responsive to conditions around you - but forever under control.

You are afraid that you may not be able to realize or achieve your hopes and desires and so you insist that people should accept you as you are and appreciate your rights to anything that you aspire to.


I don't know about you, but it was pretty dead-on, despite contradicting itself at points.
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Tagged by :iconkudohmiyuki:

* Choose a singer/band/group.
* Answer using ONLY titles of songs by that singer/band/group.
* Tag 6 more people (let them know they've been tagged).

L'arc~en~ciel <33 ;D

1. Are you male or female? Pretty Girl

2. Describe yourself. My Heart Draws a Dream

3. What do people feel when they're around you? Seventh Heaven

4. How would you describe your previous relationship? Time Goes On

5. Describe your current relationship. Forbidden Lover

6. Where would you want to be now? The Fourth Avenue Cafe

7. How do you feel about love? Ready, Steady, GO!

8. What's your life like? Hurry X-mas

9. What would you ask for if you had only one wish? New World

10. Say something wise. Drink it Down


1. you
2. you
3. you
4. you
5. you
6. and you

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Got this from Illa, just like the previous one. Anyway:

Comment and I'll:
a) Tell you why I friended you
b) Associate you with something - fandom, a song, a colour, a photo, etc
c) Tell you something I like about you
d) Tell you a memory I have of you
e) Ask something I've always wanted to know about you
f) In return, you must post this in your journal


In other news, I'm finally back home but with a to-do list longer than ever.

1. AP: Complete AP summer resource file and organize it; Complete AP sketchbook requirements. Complete AP English summer work.

2. SATs: Study for the SAT IIs, Biology and Chinese w/Listening. Retake tests?

3. DRIVING: Go get my permit. >_>;;;

4. COMMISSIONS: Finish current two commissions for Tea's Charade and Rage and for Keiisah's Maiki. Then complete auction picture for winner. Then do OC Remix meme.

5. ART/LIFE: Improve drawing and writing style. Clean/rearrange room?

6. COLLEGE: Being application process. Finalize list of choices. Do further research. Contemplate and write essay. Obtain letters of recommendation.

7. CLUBS: Be a (good?) officer in NAHS and FBLA. Write and meet on the Golden Pen Staff Manual. Plan Comic Book Club workshop classes. Possibly plan classes for writing for the Golden Pen and then send CBC members to that workshop as well?

...Not necessarily in that order. D:
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Stolen from :icontheillastrator:

(name of first pet + street you live on):
Fluffy Glen Acres DDDD:

(first word you see on your left + favorite restaurant
Hershey Friday's (I really don't have a favorite restaurant...)

(silliest childhood nickname + first town where you partied):
(I didn't really have any odd ones as a kid, but I've gotten one now. And I guess the first place I had a slumber party was...Haverford?)
First Base Haverford

(first initial + first three letters of your last name)

(favorite animal + name of high school):
(Do I even have a favorite?)
Elephant H-H

(last snack food you ate + your favorite drink)
Chocolate Tea 8D

(middle name + city where you were born):
Blank Los Angeles

(favorite candy + favorite musician's last name):
100 Grand HYDE

(name of [opposite sex] friend + cell phone company you use):
...Christian AT&T

(first 3 letters of your last name + last 3 letters of mother's maiden name)

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With the start of school there's the start of a new breed of procrastination. What time to sleep? Which, if any, shows should I keep up with? How frequently will I be drawing? When on earth will I finish up all commissions?

The best answer would be 10-none-soon.

But it's looking to be 12-anything-don't-ask-me.  

The good thing is that I'm taking Art Major I this year and some of the projects are very interesting. Hopefully I'll be able to post projects up at somewhat regular intervals. I just need a swift kick to the rear.
Well, time sure flies. Summer is very quickly coming to a close, and very little of my summer homework has been completed. I really need to work out my issue with procrastination and everything.

Next week is my last week of volunteer work. Despite not ever posting anything worthwhile on DA, I think I should have something done by then.

Updating for the sake of proving that I am alive,