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This is where the creative magic happens and you never know what I will show you next so have a look around and thanks fer stoppin' by!

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Delve Deep into my thoughts won't you? You Have been warned!



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Looking Down A Railroad Future!
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States
Approach Life With an open mind in words and in actions done by example, It is the lion way!

Current Residence: Spring, Texas
Favorite genre of music: Chill, New Age, Acoustic Guitar Rock
Favorite photographers: BigBadMatt, Eyepilot13
Skin of choice: Fire Red or Cobalt Blue
Favorite cartoon characters: Panthro, Tygra and Lion-o as brothers, Scooby Doo
Personal Quote: Draw A Line In The Sand And Let It Go
  • Drinking: Shiner Bohemian Black Lager
Character Meme Ala SwiftWindSpirit
Stole this from my good ol' buddy of mischief who also has an FA page under the name Devin and a DA page under Skippy2243…; Class is in session:

1. Hello, there! Please, introduce yourselves!

SWSP: They call me Swift, my real name is Andrew. I'm using my writer pen name I sign at the end of some of my messages to others.  

Swift: Your King is tight on time so make this quick or I will make sure you are fed to the scavenger Jackals!

SWSP: Don't worry Swift, I'll handle most of this if you wish.

Swift: Fine. However, the masses deserve to hear me speak!

2. Well, it's a pleasure to meet both of you - tell me, are you ready to begin?

SWSP: Ok, shoot!

Swift: You may proceed on my terms, got it?

3. Okay! First question: What do you guys think about each other?

SWSP: I think Swift is deep down what I think a lion should be.. Regal, leader by example, and one every beast alive respects for his high status and his lion like qualities.

Swift: I can tell this guy is a loyal follower to the death, I appreciate it!

SWSP: Thanks Your Majesty, I do create you well!

4. Ah, I see.... - tell me, SWSP, what inspired you to create Swift?

Swift the lion has always been a part of me since before I got into furry. I've always been a lion in my heart and I think Swift is the embodiment of what I have been inside of myself. His personality matches mine in many ways. His qualities are second to none when he lets you get to know him. Otherwise he is tough, curt at times, intimidating and will put you in your place.

Swift: Your King is flattered, tell me more dear Andrew ;)

SWSP: Oh I'm just getting warmed up Sire, you flirt ;)

Swift: You do know I will expect you to put me in something that satisfies me?

SWSP: Consider it done!

5. Swift? Do you feel that your creator ever abuses you?

Swift: I feel my creator has a deep personal connection deep within himself which connects with me somehow. There are times I appreciate the amount of respect i get from loyal followers who buy into what my creator has done with me.

SWSP: Couldn't have said it better myself Your Majesty, you are the embodiment of all I've made you!

Swift: *Bows, next question please.

6. What is the one thing that you most envy about each other?

SWSP: His leadership and his sexy situations he gets in.

Swift: My creator's willingness to make my character as pure as possible. He does not cut corners with me, I do humbly appreciate it.  

7. Oh, really? Then what would be the one thing that you would change about the other, if you could?

SWSP: Nothing

Swift: Agreed, this human has proven his worth to me and so I am satisfied with where my creator is going with me.

SWSP: It took me a long time to evolve you into the Leonine Presence you are so thank you very much!

8. Hmm... Interesting choice... Now, then, SWSP what is one thing that you've always wanted to see Swift, doing?

SWSP: Well to be honest, pretty much any type of situation I create is what I can picture myself through him possibly being in.

Swift: Before I answer, watch your tongue human or you will not have any of it left in your mouth after I rip it out!

SWSP: Easy there big lion, he's just a random question generating peasant, I really want to hear what you have to say.

Swift: *Deep breathe while staring a hole in the peasant's eyes hoping he shakes* I can tell when my creator has put me in something he really likes. I feel his passion and I also get to feel his deepest intimacy in his thoughts which at times get intense which really makes me go into bliss afterwards.

SWSP: Wow, you got a rise out of me on that comment, holy shit! <3

9. Would you ever do what your creator just said?

Swift: You must not be of the bright type of peasant, you disgust me, *Growls bearing teeth*

SWSP: I'm with him, what happened to your brain? Did it get shoved up in the tailpipe of a bus with your skull still attached when it went VROOOM VROOM and got you high on the fumes?

10. If the two of you could swap places, for a day, what do you think would happen?

SWSP: *Grins widely*

Swift: Bah, I wouldn't want his life, couldn't rule an entire realm or have peasants and loyal followers under me who either do my bidding or give me great sex. Some of which is intense though I do think my creator has my sexual orgasm capabilities when he's in the right mood..

SWSP: You know me too well Your Majesty, yes, I do have some of his sexual orgasm traits :D

11. SWSP, would you ever draw Swift doing something perverted?

SWSP: I don't draw, I am a writer by trait so the only way to get Swift into a situation like that is by story or commission which I do not have many of.

Swift: Try harder human, I expect only the best out of you.

SWSP: You know, I do RP write with you sometimes, not as much as I used to but it'll do in the place of art.

12. Swift, do you think your creator is perverted?

Swift: I think you are starting to annoy me with your stupid mundane questions.. Your King is not impressed.

SWSP: Easy big lion, do you think I am a pervert with you?

Swift: Define the term, I have yet to see what real perverted is out of you..

13. Through some weird kind of magic, Swift has become a real person!

Swift: Good,now I can kill you because you forgot to get rid of my lion traits *Lunges primal screaming*

SWSP: *Grabs Swift by the shoulder blades holding him back with all his strength* I keep..him.. in *growl* my mind, thank you!

14. Swift, somebody just insulted your creator! What do you do?

SWSP: I think you just saw what happens when you put a real lion with a short temper into my body. You should be ashamed!

Swift: *Bearing teeth* Be lucky he was here to stop me or you would have been an afterthought of mangled up human trash!

SWSP: Only a few more questions to go Swift, you can do it!

Swift: Reluctantly purrs rubbing his mighty head on his creator's hand.

SWSP: *Feels Swift up getting more deep purrs from the lion*

15. If there was one thing that each of you could have that the other owns, what would it be?

SWSP: To be leader of all the beasts and to feel what fourteen inches of kitty cock felt like in my pants ;)

Swift: Humans, they are such a confusing breed.

16. SWSP, do you like to mess around with Swift when you draw him?

SWSP: All the time, I love especially writing about him in thongs, speedo, and any other type of intimate wear my little evil mind comes up with.

Swift: I actually do get personal enjoyment in him writing me into certain intimate things, it is a thrill!

17. Swift, would you ever mess with your creator, if you could? If so, then how?

Swift: Finally, a competent question! I'd love to put him in a situation where I could do all the things he puts me in and more!

SWSP: hehehe.. If you can handle me that is :D

Swift: Human, when I'm done with you you won't walk straight for a month!

SWSP: Bring it on Swift, I'll be the next Your King!!! :p

18. Swift, what is one thing that you've always wondered about SWSP?

Swift:  Why do you always say I'm Texicanized? I am nothing of the sort!

SWSP: Because I live in Texas Swift, I call you Texicanized because that is your true realm.

Swift: As long as it is mine, I will let it slide.. For now.

SWSP: You have no choice unless I your creator moves out of this state which ain't happening so as God as my witness!

19. SWSP, is there anything that you've always wanted to ask your character, if you could?

SWSP: The only real question I have for you Swift is how many total pride members do you have following you?

Swift: My followers are at least three hundred not counting the many travelers who pass through my realm for a look. Some I never get the chance to meet :( For a lion, it is hard to imagine since we though independent need followers around us even though we lead the way.

SWSP: You have me to thank for that Swift, I believed I had something there with you and took it to the bank and it has been paying off!

Swift: Yes human, Your King is very pleased with your creativity, he orders you to continue it forth with!

SWSP: Yes My King, I will not disappoint you!

20. You two would make a lovely couple...

SWSP: Hmm, maybe you got something there though Swift is more of family to me and I don't believe in polygamy or for that matter incestual marriage. To me he is like a brother deep down within me..I could never marry him.  

Swift: *Thinks for a moment* This human intrigues me at times and if he were another lion or other type of a fur, I might consider dating, but I am too caught up in my Royal Obligations to do such.

SWSP: *Blushes* I could remove the family part of this and then it is open season, My King <3

Swift: You stay in your own miserable world, I like mine here in my realm!

SWSP: Rats playing a fiddler on the roof!

21. *snickering* Sorry - I just had to say that! Can you forgive me?

Swift: *Growling furiously sharpening his claws on the wooden chair* Say that one more time you pathetic question giving fool and I will gladly take your smile down to your pants and shove it as far down your crotch as I can with your bone teeth showing where your smile used to be.

SWSP: This is one of the few times I'd let Swift do what he wants to you.. You've probably have never gotten it up for your grandma's pet pussy she hides in a tampon!

22. All right, I suppose I'll let you go, then - thank you for your time!

Swift: Good! Human, you may rise.. You are dismissed so orders Your King!

SWSP: Thank you My King *Bows*

Swift: Raises the human's chin and gives him a deep kiss before walking away back into his realm flashing his ass while raising his tail winking his pucker at the human.

SWSP: *Drools lost in loved filled lust* I'll get even with you and both of us are going to love it *Gropes and squeezes hardon in pants*


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